A Summary of Life

Seek unbound
Dreams to sudden rose
Of darkness bent
Ready in glow
Warming thin air
Clouds departing fair
Our walks halted grasps
Frozen tongues elated
Foremost light, settles height
Childlike a father in display
Noble in worlds forever counts
Figures of speech
To gestures made
A honey comb maze
Woven to hold together
Memories of infantile play
Then in seasons cold
Cloaks of pride always wear
For a summary of life
Lived and counted well
Binds and frames sell
Each to its own glory
Some lips sealed
Yet from behind
I hear loud and clear
Raise this voice
That tears apart
Ice sage and silence
Rocks bleed in grey
Promising tales many
Yet unnumbered





Dense puzzles known someday
Have shadows on miles cast
Hold fast the body erect
Forward every time
And eyes anxious in gaze
To which sounds recall
Beasts and fairies of the forest
In whispers those caress
Our inevitable ponder might
Raindrops heavier must reach
Trenches in our dwelling
Where raw desires count
Days of unexpressed sighs
Beads those saline crystals
Pounding on matters as such
Slides mountains of trust
Much sought then shelter
Away in the woods we roll
To secure the night high
In wonders by the shy
But before a life animates
Bursts open in blue
In universal dazzle
Bodies surge to sky
Often quite then dissolve
As sleep into the night
Presence mine silent in trees
To witness now afresh
Tired ponders of the heart
Into brilliance fade away…