To name a few…

Eight paragraphs beyond
Upon a moonlit night
Dawns fresh light of trust
To make believe eyes as just
Then rose warmth somewhere
To air lit as fire remain
Always receding escaping breaths
Then thought must’ve been room better
For spaces divided, charter first
But fortune! O sodden!
The air to bring me life
Unasked, yet granted
Flourishes and blooms
From forests to oceans
All brilliant and diverse.
Happiest then we still hold
Possible worlds we negate
Through the window every time
A room of thought
And the air of life
Holding hands in narrow lanes
Where spirits condense
Circle around in blue and pale
Stars silver shine among
Hair and hair of endless decay
Gentle greens behind shy
As heavens perfume cry
For the air had to leave
Cast somehow
Light on departed coal…





Mocking yellow this time again
Power intention in game begin
Upon the strength in breeze
Angry of injury in peace…

Forefathers of organized reasoning
Whose vanity in markets sell
Under impressions of attitudes
Brewed in utmost lechery
Reeking of hollow pain and suffering
Enough to cause spasms in heart
Respecting roots in rain I depart.

Behaviorism moulded in urgency
Because never had the world seen
Comfortable in judgments
Satisfying a will to live
That when needed has faith
In overpowering flattery
Having noticed at the start
Mountain yields I depart.

Administrators of relationships
Craven in restrains of reflection
For the seer could not be confined
To bedlams of directorial pleasures
Thus fumed of expensive smoke
A curtain before the eyes
Which then intrudes sensual art
Into darkness I must depart.

For all absorbing
Legions if to name me
Wishful other must see
Only skeletal apprehensions
Towering but never told
Holding all in weathers still
Graves to this tree.