Reflection hid in plain sight
Everywhere and everywhen
Mirthless shadow of a desire gone by
Grows beyond the cerebral frame
Some silence celestial
Others storms brave
Yet mirrors fortune the sane
From all.places to be
In thunder, lighting, and rain…


I found wilderness at the sea

Withdrawn in chambers of thought
Sat reclined, murmurs about
In peace we live the tale forgotten
As natural a way to life…

Must’ve known the pleasures kind
And pampers full of care
That I received at home
Those days of learning to fly

Traditional classic, the good guy blind
Juggernaut, grandfather word kind
From letters formed at school
Always knew left from right.

The ways already known
Just had to walk and profess
Stale, the desire is made
This season of flight.

Outdoors, when I ventured
Walked into the sea
Slashed one by one
Usual waters hearty.

Newness was born, the boundless song
Collisions of rhyme and rhythm
Break and fall back right again
Suspended the thoughtful movement.

Saline waters undress
Liars from lovers
Wounds all heal
But lies drown entirely

Then we realize for sure
Art of waves in tides
Never mind the dishonest affair
I found wilderness at the sea!




Devoured in fruitless passion…


Blood me a river,
Hear me a thunder,
Pinch me a dagger,
Burden me another life!

All those days, I clenched so tight,
Or even the highest night,
Devoured in fruitless passion,
An ornament of our beloved reason!

Obscure, rails me in thought,
An orb full in golden light,
But none outside, the wretched inside
Seeping through, days and dreams!

Beyond infinity, open me an eye,
Outside the dungeon, unshackle,
If possible, then fall apart,
I know then the impeccable nothing.

Obtrusive the fleshy life itself,
Requisite to those, lost already,
May, the afterlife become an infinity,
Perfect then a penance, limitless in might.

Jolts every now and then,
My weary locks of gold,
Spiraling around the endeavor,
Miserable, a mere picture to depiction!

Decadence already within this chamber!
Rivers gold, grey or any you please,
Never too shallow to bathe,
But vacant, wings none home…