When words won’t come easy
Speak in tongues of surrender
Forget your worlds
Breathe softly again
Snow comes falling
Trees slumber some more
And the night
Passes into revelations
Of a fine worded silence…

Where you’re remembered
As oneiric photographs
Drifting away with this stream
I long to forget
Those nights of wonder
Twisting and turning till firsts of lights
For this night’s majestic
I dance with-in snow
All night, all white
To heart’s eternal content

I am forever complete…


Snow Again

Picture Credits: Zeenat


She has come down upon us again
Breezes, all knowledgeable
Upon this hill in silence
Had made first news
Since morning
Heart beat recluse.

Would stay in bed all day
Watch her fall in grace
Conjure up a story or two
Write them out as well
For poets’ have their say.

Oh! but the heart…
A desire outspoken
Thrusts out into the open
And stands where
She’d gently settle on you.



Reflection hid in plain sight
Everywhere and everywhen
Mirthless shadow of a desire gone by
Grows beyond the cerebral frame
Some silence celestial
Others storms brave
Yet mirrors fortune the sane
From all.places to be
In thunder, lighting, and rain…


When Walking Is Art

When walking is art
Bodies are all we have
Step by step, set sail
Wayward on lonesome trail

Struggles all made and done
Backpack on shoulders firm
Burdensome or love
Living! Yet the sole resolve…

I sat idle
Nights and days abundant
On my window
Birds and butterflies many

When walking is art
I walk among the skies
In between mountains
Waterfalls and streams confide


Then I look around
None admiration
No disdain
Nor filthy hands of purpose…

All embraced in such firmament
Performed as body, the art I touch
Where breezes and mists often weave
Living as art, is what we breathe…