Reflection hid in plain sight
Everywhere and everywhen
Mirthless shadow of a desire gone by
Grows beyond the cerebral frame
Some silence celestial
Others storms brave
Yet mirrors fortune the sane
From all.places to be
In thunder, lighting, and rain…



When Walking Is Art

When walking is art
Bodies are all we have
Step by step, set sail
Wayward on lonesome trail

Struggles all made and done
Backpack on shoulders firm
Burdensome or love
Living! Yet the sole resolve…

I sat idle
Nights and days abundant
On my window
Birds and butterflies many

When walking is art
I walk among the skies
In between mountains
Waterfalls and streams confide


Then I look around
None admiration
No disdain
Nor filthy hands of purpose…

All embraced in such firmament
Performed as body, the art I touch
Where breezes and mists often weave
Living as art, is what we breathe…



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Do write about Mussoorie
Desire spoken at length
All needy and noble
On a hill
Promise of heavens…

What write shall presume
Loyal poets nurtured at home?

The young lads who never left?
Crept under father’s belt
Wore suits themselves, the family pride…

Or silver hairs, who sold lands?
Slaughtered trees and blasted rocks
Their games are forever on…

The politicians corrupt and fair
Pretty smiles and innocent whiskers
All of us cheered, the people’s man…

Or the tourists in garbage made?
Sources of livelihood, squared
Our seasons to last all year…

The rich goons who butchered homes
Or the wives, who slept with whose?

Tell me later, the lies and gossips
Foremost live the dream
A pen that bleeds ink in verse
Washes none clean
For brotherhood was declared solvent
In closed rooms, the deals made
Good morning, Mussoorie
Hope you live another day…


ज़िन्दगी के खोये पन्नो से

हां! देखा है मैंने गहराई के कुएं में
रह रह कर वो चीख सुनाई देती है
किसी रोज़ दिया मैंने जिसे आकर था

भूल गए थे वो पुकार
दिल में कहीं दफना बैठे थे
सोचा था की आईना झुठ है

हाँ! तोले हैं मैंने बराबर
दर्द से भरे सच
और प्यार से सने झूठ

हाँ! टूटा हूँ बार बार
कठोर पत्थर की मार
और झरने की बौछार

खो मत जाना कहीं, ओ राही
पिरोते हुए इन शब्दों की माला
जुड़े हैं तार इतने
बाँधी हैं गांठें क्यों?

आईना है यहीं
सुन्दर हूँ मैं
सुन्दर हो तुम
सच और झूठ का पता नहीं

जीना है ज़रूर
सीखे हैं यही
शांत आनंद में रहना


Seaside Affair

On a desirous odyssey
Kept hidden in secrecy
The eyes on gazes could tell
Hearts broken and bleeding
Thumping deeper still as life
To go on and greet
Sublime colours on the shore.

There had been many
The everyday and visitors
Sat, witnessed the boundless sea
Lay down in sun’s divinity
Young girls and boys made castles
Fishermen blabbered routine tales
Variety walked into the sea.

I was there
She was not mine only
Warm waters meeting
Pulling at feet
Playful as the pup
Demanded day’s activity.

Waves, as you know, splashed
Once all around me
Drifting tides
Lows and highs
Afloat in her love
Content, the bodies meet…