Serving textual sentence
For generations made easy
Must have your age cast
Among wanderers of shadows
Caught unawares this time
With false eyes and withered face
Patient and unspoken her brow
Forever your backhand wishes
This time again to her claim
Picky of feelings, as if sold in malls
Clearly your text did not contain
Free spirits of a forest
But you govern ever still
And complain of a bad taste
Rather snob of a puritan
Deep down just malevolence
Your best line of defense
Let me remind you friend
The day we first met
When you lit fires
Very close to our forest
It was then winter,
Perhaps why you felt the urge
To hunt the beast you desire
And shook my hands clean
Hardly knew what went on
Until morning I see
I see the forest burn down
For that beast, wild as child
Could not be contained
And then you shook hands again
This once you introduced yourself
And you had courage
Pronouncing me not a friend
Helped in chances of disgust
Unable to yet see
How your negative vibe was here
Captured and mastered
When I chose to embrace
Engage and speak to trees
To cut new paths on her skin
Owning her body again
Glorified in self interest
That is how it must be done
The capital you invest
All booze, sex and photograph
To justify capital profitable.
Then when I crawled upon her
She confessed a certain pain
Of nearing death
Entangled in your web
In dew drops morning eyes weep
To remind solemn a sheep
How wet grasses sleep
Night after night pure choices
Dissected feelings render shit
And thrown away, unwanted
Unneeded, unheeded
Formed in male greed, your cities
Feminine but the forest conserve
To resist in blood
Every shame that you deserve.



Devoured in fruitless passion…


Blood me a river,
Hear me a thunder,
Pinch me a dagger,
Burden me another life!

All those days, I clenched so tight,
Or even the highest night,
Devoured in fruitless passion,
An ornament of our beloved reason!

Obscure, rails me in thought,
An orb full in golden light,
But none outside, the wretched inside
Seeping through, days and dreams!

Beyond infinity, open me an eye,
Outside the dungeon, unshackle,
If possible, then fall apart,
I know then the impeccable nothing.

Obtrusive the fleshy life itself,
Requisite to those, lost already,
May, the afterlife become an infinity,
Perfect then a penance, limitless in might.

Jolts every now and then,
My weary locks of gold,
Spiraling around the endeavor,
Miserable, a mere picture to depiction!

Decadence already within this chamber!
Rivers gold, grey or any you please,
Never too shallow to bathe,
But vacant, wings none home…


Dance, and the dancer in one


All the masks I see,
Seem to others flee,
I know not more a feature,
Than love, to my other creature…

None asked you to bow,
Neither would I, all on you bestow,
For one and all is love,
Signal of peace, my holy dove!

Dance, and the dancer in one,
Behold! Reality is a pun!
Shades many, light none,
Darkness babbling, dancers run!

What good the fatal horns,
When pierces it only mourns?
A mere action of the beast
Not complete as its feast!

Rejoice! Happy men now rail,
Free obscure men, others fail,
I live by you, pure drop as dew,
Other me, second me, but you!

Dance me a love so rare,
Divine be it to care,
Blend of spirits as before, the play,
Reform! For I stand close to lay…


The shade game!


Hues descend from high,

Transcending to a new realm

Of a sole dwelling,

Tale this, to pronounce the self.

 One for all, all for one,

Mind, a possession priced,

much, an inverted prism.

Flows in the depth of shades,

A river o’ grey!

Ripping the norms apart,

Flows the soul, free.

Much a sun,

to light everyone!

Body to one and to all,

Knows the reasons to call!

Melding the tints vibrant,

Completes a game,

The self to name!

The vibrant ones,

Glide through the prism’s plane,

To perform a bigger game once again!

Act 1, Scene 1

Has man really forgotten how to be free??  The rat race is killing  one of the most basic need of any organism. This organisation is about making one realize, how important it is to sit and reflect in a natural environment and also experience the life of people living in close to Nature.

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