Entangled strands thinking bright
For light so shone powerless might
Through the tunnel so escaping
Words of feather cast benign
Each on self, full in size
Must so rhyme inside
Glints of chords to dust
And dispersed in yellow sight
Diffused into greens and browns
As eyes might heart beat
Fires in forest sacrifice
To legends that rose to woven heights
None could tell which one’s which
For threads also prime
Because, because and because
In moonlit nights
Upon surface waters shine
Hopes clad in white
As winds gently sweep
Heaps of ink to write
In yarns warm and hands clean
Temple worn with feather behind
Earth which then gravity resume
To hold on light
Often then arose behind the veil
Walking down wet shores
Humble each step leading
To demise gravity off my feet
Cutting off all strings
Into water where I find
A dream cleansed inside…





Out the channels, blindly escaping
Have legions fresh to holy seek
Royal wounds piercing apart
That couldn’t once start,
A sky so endless in height
Punctured afar of might.
Once a man, twice forming
Chapels and sages to see
Mornings bloom, feeble chant
To holidays in a promising land.

Hours and hours of unheeded stray,
Wild berries to twigs always lay
Whence had the sun enough shaped
Prince and their craze ablaze
Moon a mine, separate perfume
Fruit of reds and seasons groom
To sprits then was a call,
That they had before truth enabled.
“How many men would it take to poet?”
Screeching words forever around
Stars and sunrays, all bothered
For once a man couldn’t believe
That life’s ceaseless poetry
All too certain than night
Of ocean’s depth, words to each
Then a firewood of seventy seas
Burn too bright, some die
Mine sit by for the sake of it.

A conformation disguised in flattery
Green arms of filthy admiration
One to hundredth to thousand,
All but gory as hell,
For others bound in a system chaos
Have pronounced enough
Flash! Flash! Flash!

In divine conspiracy then heavens speak:
Works of art, never strike
Smoke and ice, rich in fumes
Eyes that persistent tune
Rivers to purge
Rains to swell
Life until death
Clocks pilgrimage to dwell
And then you know the song
That had you in melody encased
Dance, the poet in mask a stretch
Soaked in clouds, off clear the edge.




Picture credits: Snapshot from the Documentary 'Inner Worlds outer Worlds' (2012) by Daniel Schmidt

Picture credits: Snapshot from the Documentary ‘Inner Worlds outer Worlds’ (2012) by Daniel Schmidt

Art breathes again,
Love is what it seems,
Stilling within,
A jumbling message,
A vessel soon,
Wine and the chalice apt
To slip clumsily in,
A ladder then,
Build the bars,
Firmly enough and sound,
Swaying ladder it holds,
Spanning upon a wishful land,
Seen through this eye,
Potent Paranoid pressing,
Sipping slowly some slumber,
Awake! Are you?


A sunny day…


At school maybe,
How to say it, that you like it,
Only if you knew, I knew…

Burn, a matter so high,
Eyes gazing the sky!
Living soft as hay,
Out we run today…

Departed leaves on the ground,
Twisted and turned around,
Loving in memory,
Piece buy Peace,
What a world we see,
The true birds flee,
The parrot, the tree – pie,
The vulture,
And of course tits!

Wild daises,
And roses black,
A gothic shade
And some spades,

Onward we march!
Conquered we branch!
Tomorrow, just another day…
Today! A sunny day….


Dance, and the dancer in one


All the masks I see,
Seem to others flee,
I know not more a feature,
Than love, to my other creature…

None asked you to bow,
Neither would I, all on you bestow,
For one and all is love,
Signal of peace, my holy dove!

Dance, and the dancer in one,
Behold! Reality is a pun!
Shades many, light none,
Darkness babbling, dancers run!

What good the fatal horns,
When pierces it only mourns?
A mere action of the beast
Not complete as its feast!

Rejoice! Happy men now rail,
Free obscure men, others fail,
I live by you, pure drop as dew,
Other me, second me, but you!

Dance me a love so rare,
Divine be it to care,
Blend of spirits as before, the play,
Reform! For I stand close to lay…