First a fire, then gaze
Most joys must so bake
Another one in broadened light
Certain fumes in woods recall
Moment of brief elation, outside time
Then again this wasn’t most
For unbroken gaze to fire
Description of pictures
Words and phrases resume
Humble names to feelings new
Dance and shades with countless truths
How real must have imagined
For tears and smiles prove
Effects in art and design
Sometimes sodden as a silent night
Pierced through as candle bright
When outside stood another chapter
Eyeing matters inside
Caught to chance this time
And confessed all through the night
How real to heart beat
Only imagined in sight
Never would then otherwise
Forms to hate condense
And notions sound incapable
For dancing alone ever still
Horrible misfortune the forgotten
I wish and I wish well
Once could have remembered
Wiser songs written down
Of course to come alive
When images the heart blind
But then again would be untrue
For unconscious I bank
Never to speak arranged…






Furthermore to the right,
Chains and emblems happily withering,
Contested on a monsoon night breach,
Shadows cascading beyond my workless age,
Numbers and Saints adorn the chore,
Snuffing denials ready to explode.

Days in days, refuges wonder
Filmed and bleached contemplations,
Sozzled tea midnight desperation,
Jizzing waters serene,
My endless scar,
Faith captured home…

In circles green, empty I slaughter,
Risky shades and endless departure,
Doves of urgent deceit,
Channeled in crummy repeat,
Jeans faded and the knife,
Buttocks burden delight.

Gradual distant past,
Snuff parades homeward fairy,
Silvered of moon in grey,
Racing about the fly,
Pansies of numb pages,
Knock the door, I’m home,
Fetch a serpent fresh dwelling,
Glorified to the angel’s share
Eyes the perfect stare,
Honours then heap to mystify,
Daily blotches of infant cry.

Uncertain yet the torn belt,
Who did it save?
Night or the day,
Heaven’s on hay,
The child born,
Already known to men wise,
Undressing blood the bones,
Shrivels never reach ahead,
Moth thus flies in shame,
Gory to the light,
And ashes the key,
My wistful display,
Of anger, affection and fame,
Already contested in jury,
Say the word magical,
Notion or champ formidable,
Then I see the rawest of flesh,
Surmounted the devil,
Beast a pain, devil so meek,
Eyes forging moves every,
Passed in black,
Desirous in drapes,
The Queen, her dry,
Chameleon fantasy and desert seeps,
Oasis in fine confusions,
Senses speak and refine delusion.

Capillaries descend on a try,
Maneuvering poisonous breath
Laced within of dripping sorrow
And coated with sheer lechery,
Soul which further mould,
In ram of frothy seas,
Handkerchief lying unscored.