On silent raindrop country spring
Warm echoes in shades serene
Come closer to whisper scenes
Of mist encased and ocean’s dream
On mountain through my body green
Where I hold to let loose
And expand from curtain in air
Some voices and breaths on my skin
Dissolve further down my seam
After last whisky and smokey rains
Told in currents of lighter perfume
We tremble arms to arms curtail
Where often a moon radiates
Warmer treasures of silent nights
Waving perhaps a second name
To sharpen visions ready seem
Spoken through a body again
A mountain in thinner voice
Enough along serious routes
Broken and folded new
Out into the skies can tell
How thin the air
And bodies sound share
Vibrant glows all among
Stars shine of handsome game
To final a release
Among chapters of buggy shares
Windward our dream shapes…





Upon slopes tones breathing fine
Seated among gentle greens
Folded to eyes as shut
Stars and planets bound trust
Here into darkness immaculate blend
Screams in furious echoes
And beats shine thorough
Ambience of unbroken crimson haze
Balancing figures as they surround
Fire somewhere
Dance then always lost in your gaze
Certain things rare turbulence shape
Holding light flutter to indigo sky
There from sudden butterfly
Severe scented perfume high
Forgotten then into an ace of dreams
Fifty five and twenty nine
Superior touch to seasons’ hold
All joys in lazy afternoons
Fading always deeper into background
Crazes that had once storms scold
What kind of cast this I carry
Come over again and set me free…