One step forward
Ten stretches back
Claim my Psyche
Or express fact
Rumble and shower
All comes back
Out the world
To your word act
Shuffle, shuffle, scuffle
Ground loses feet
Up and about
Some screams

Unheard goes by
For afraid to speak
Limited to beat
Come taste defeat
Eyes always wondering
What space, what’s sweet
Touched my hand
Revolving in streets
Of course you saw
Of course you see
Every little thrift
That flutters and tweets
Breaks on face-ward
Realities clean sweep.


That tray in your hands
Food on the table
Walks so stiff
Closer to sink
Mushy in the legs
Sweaty under arms
High on head
And poker in the nose
Snare drum about
Rolls in toms
That beat is lost
Tied to feet!

Gulps all fear
Stands in shape
But eyes pierce stare
through the belly
pollutes the chi
hollows out cold
come fuck already
Your gaze out control
What you please
Beyond all rebel
Decorates his streets
As clouds full of nothing
Comes rains to please…



A Summary of Life

Seek unbound
Dreams to sudden rose
Of darkness bent
Ready in glow
Warming thin air
Clouds departing fair
Our walks halted grasps
Frozen tongues elated
Foremost light, settles height
Childlike a father in display
Noble in worlds forever counts
Figures of speech
To gestures made
A honey comb maze
Woven to hold together
Memories of infantile play
Then in seasons cold
Cloaks of pride always wear
For a summary of life
Lived and counted well
Binds and frames sell
Each to its own glory
Some lips sealed
Yet from behind
I hear loud and clear
Raise this voice
That tears apart
Ice sage and silence
Rocks bleed in grey
Promising tales many
Yet unnumbered



Some eight miles away
Far beyond the everyday
Where streams slither
Into the most known
A conversation is sown
And greener meadows roll
Down all hills in song
One as life shared
Enough to let breathe
To railway lines home
Dissected among tales
Summer to winter all same
Varies though in shades
Into quieter corners receded
Those pages on my condition
Forever changing tongues
Collection of truths
Those jars full of sweets
Whenever I asked, was given
Of course priceless unyielding
Thank you for words then
One more time prayers range
And moulded in care
Or what was it always
Death perhaps a better tread
Trains screech on tracks
Halted misery
Come forever undone
Wishes to see no further
No more into or onto
For shapes once spiralled
In words realities bend
Logic, Logic, Logic
Hail! The most democratic
For beasts of truths lodged
Jails and traps, cultivated
Or a movie it could have been
For you to see
Times change uncalculated
Unrestrained then hearts
Forever to some beat
Measured when calm
Or prepared from trees
But shadows we carry
All logically black
Spoken barely then
Changing currency
To hold this one gem
That was once found
Lost to some wilderness
In no time
As we unfolded
Hand by hand
Slipped Eyeland…



At her ease, the winter breeze
Rolls down slopes in blank
Lost hopes of melancholy
The joy in apt numbers
Shapeless as spirits sung
Until horrid that sudden cease

Had once of mourn informed
The knell from a churchyard
But unannounced and uncharted
Swift in her movement as dream
Fell upon, this moonlit night
As in her arms, I’d forever swell
Would have wished a conspiracy instead
For eyes sufficient quick to spot surmise
Endless gazes and factors redress
Left alone, but the hollow in spite
What happened? Where’s home?
Yonder I see what has come to be
Of boundless white seventh sea
Liberated from lively niche
Among starts another dream
Always had but the knell awaited
One hearty senseless strike
At forehead in waking sleep
To exude all radiant life
Then at this instance
Of perfect resurgence
Most hang by rope
Jump, shoot, or drink
Honourable perhaps
The last of wishes granted
Two hands swallow life.

Unkind, constricting, unbiased
Leaves nothing behind
Neither ashes, nor dust
Such of life in death bask.
What then could mystery be?
If not alive in death’s glory.
What then our purpose be?
If not death to life’s history.

Never again has then sought to be
Than total knowledge gypsy
Swinging through waves
Dancing among curtains
And wine moulds in yours to mine
Lips among most certain.




To have walked a thousand miles
Enough on averages seek
Mild delusions and sacred fears
Glory cast on conscious racks
Filled in direction one and none
All have a tale to tell
Outside the confines, if you will
Eyes and wine all shine
On nights when clouded
Empty hearts in blood drenched
Draw more power
Every inch of recorded time
Methods always question
About cartographic happiness
In a wold made of silk
Where are you going?
May I come along?
Sure, warmer nonetheless
Evenings our food share
Nights next to you
And mornings together begin
Where skies the earth kiss
Celebrated finitude
As two lines meet
Shades then painted skies
With darkness fallen below
Soon we falter in lights sing
In fading echoes, stars rhyme
Helped by methods aged
Straight intentions speak
With yours lips to mine
But let this earth so conceived
A ball with skies all around
Even other bodies
Then a man on brighter of his days
Had dreams so shaped
That each a stride, pictures speak
Behind which realities fade
Into lines drawn on endless skies
His division all around
Morals read mostly confused
Afraid and nervous all the more
Like one with glands sweaty
Convex bodies and tongues crafty
What am I supposed to do?
There’s no space to express
A dear one forever limits
Rest lost in coherencies
Of the divided tribe
Music enough to survive
All lone in lined streets
Filled with stars again
Yonder two bodies sing
To each other in harmony
And the skies around still holding
This ball in faith
This ball of hate
Far beyond universal conceptions
Of division and abstraction
Our noses reality inhale
All lines within…



From sudden a frail echo
Of the voice in scent once known
Forlorn in heavens speaker roar
As they sat silent in stools made
Finest hairs and glasses fair
Towards sanitised a cultural remain
Of once this scent in woods known
Songs of mist and desire
Lost eternal in speeches
Fire below as curtains stare
For outside our forest blaze
In chapters now tread
One after the other my call
To witness another ear
As the heart might skip a beat
To your eyeless twitch breeze
Then foremost beauty I hold
To speak in devil’s name
My body to its share
Divided in tongues
That often in wines drench
Dancing to the air in a cave
And truth be told before fire
That my chalice forever empty
Full of nothing, always overflow
Down the mountains, waterfalls as such
Lagoons soaked in handkerchiefs
Resonates peace all over again
Then finest a glory shaped today
Folding arms to arms again
None but spirits resume
The fire born now
In a richer perfume…




Upon slopes tones breathing fine
Seated among gentle greens
Folded to eyes as shut
Stars and planets bound trust
Here into darkness immaculate blend
Screams in furious echoes
And beats shine thorough
Ambience of unbroken crimson haze
Balancing figures as they surround
Fire somewhere
Dance then always lost in your gaze
Certain things rare turbulence shape
Holding light flutter to indigo sky
There from sudden butterfly
Severe scented perfume high
Forgotten then into an ace of dreams
Fifty five and twenty nine
Superior touch to seasons’ hold
All joys in lazy afternoons
Fading always deeper into background
Crazes that had once storms scold
What kind of cast this I carry
Come over again and set me free…



Semantic Justice – 9


Fancy that soar to another person in question about whether reality shows upon screens with feather cast or ornaments shining through assimilation of thought as background data.

For threads are made by broken shame that you will find in hands of those things which will allow me to come back from vacation to make sure that your arms are folded around me.

In this truth we welcome ideas burning insane visuals behind your own site entangled in accordance to sight loss for words that have wise men away from your favorite movie.

Your body as well enough alone can witnesses lava slide through your embrace that holds justice against rhythm in eternal springs of desire.

Then over to your question about my future generations will have more followers everyday unless otherwise indicated above my feet.

Avoid using your credit cards for words in his room have selected fights over time with his brother who had been given up for his own mind exhibition in your head without high performance computing.

Better get some sleep tonight with large volumes that hold rain in a breathy ritual of orange chicken nuggets from your browser cache in my opinion of your information outflow.

Clap your hands now that I’m going into water where they were once lit thinking all is going through my phone when the sun comes into force that designs your life in moonlight fades faster than any gaze.

Must you then hold your head in shame?

See you later when they have done nothing for truth or justice in different languages that happen as if my eyes are swallowing razor blades in venom.



Dense puzzles known someday
Have shadows on miles cast
Hold fast the body erect
Forward every time
And eyes anxious in gaze
To which sounds recall
Beasts and fairies of the forest
In whispers those caress
Our inevitable ponder might
Raindrops heavier must reach
Trenches in our dwelling
Where raw desires count
Days of unexpressed sighs
Beads those saline crystals
Pounding on matters as such
Slides mountains of trust
Much sought then shelter
Away in the woods we roll
To secure the night high
In wonders by the shy
But before a life animates
Bursts open in blue
In universal dazzle
Bodies surge to sky
Often quite then dissolve
As sleep into the night
Presence mine silent in trees
To witness now afresh
Tired ponders of the heart
Into brilliance fade away…




Serving textual sentence
For generations made easy
Must have your age cast
Among wanderers of shadows
Caught unawares this time
With false eyes and withered face
Patient and unspoken her brow
Forever your backhand wishes
This time again to her claim
Picky of feelings, as if sold in malls
Clearly your text did not contain
Free spirits of a forest
But you govern ever still
And complain of a bad taste
Rather snob of a puritan
Deep down just malevolence
Your best line of defense
Let me remind you friend
The day we first met
When you lit fires
Very close to our forest
It was then winter,
Perhaps why you felt the urge
To hunt the beast you desire
And shook my hands clean
Hardly knew what went on
Until morning I see
I see the forest burn down
For that beast, wild as child
Could not be contained
And then you shook hands again
This once you introduced yourself
And you had courage
Pronouncing me not a friend
Helped in chances of disgust
Unable to yet see
How your negative vibe was here
Captured and mastered
When I chose to embrace
Engage and speak to trees
To cut new paths on her skin
Owning her body again
Glorified in self interest
That is how it must be done
The capital you invest
All booze, sex and photograph
To justify capital profitable.
Then when I crawled upon her
She confessed a certain pain
Of nearing death
Entangled in your web
In dew drops morning eyes weep
To remind solemn a sheep
How wet grasses sleep
Night after night pure choices
Dissected feelings render shit
And thrown away, unwanted
Unneeded, unheeded
Formed in male greed, your cities
Feminine but the forest conserve
To resist in blood
Every shame that you deserve.