She Leaves

Unmasked dream or the living wake
Rather from memory persistent
Of that one flame in forest shone
Self-contained, yet suffered alone
Before a wreckage certain
Some twenty paces close
Recedes into worlds restrained
Unwanted wrappers and empty bottles
From the night when you sat
Belonged to smoke and daily haze
Woven from moonlit word strands
Beside dismal flavors assume
A place among the trees
Where threads selfless tread
Spiders often had you confused
In prey conspiracies of the bee
Yet in words the legs tap
Fifteen around sixteen to four
Back at three and nevermore
For a few pictures I have
Of poems written in daze
Of the hollowest spirit gaze
Lustrous than before, the eyes
Yet mourning and endless cries
For the morning wood was wet
Was it the dream?
Or the higher purpose?
Consumed in utter confusion
Some poisonous moods
To demise the spark resume
Those pictures I had
Kept me warm
For each in wet morning I burn
To dry the wands
Surprise the fire embark
And she leaves the rest
Decorated to annals of fame
Perched griffon in wisdom tell
Of wonders gained in filth
How does situation sound?
Lighter always to life approach
Forever unchained let go
Yet we condense here
The spirit duct
Or network immaculate
And see it form again
Steam after steam
Rock solid, rock solid
This mould then heavy
Numbs my walk again
Yet I hold close
Enough to score
Another night full of dust
Among stars and the rest
But this filth?
Disposal foremost our lone call
Boundless in chains we fall…




Enclosure sudden, well-shaped
Calm and shine slain
Humble ideas among minds
Those anchored often sail
Flawed judgements
Made arrangements
Yet off the shore
Rickety frames
Held in bodies quiet
Unstoppable our conquest
Dreamy our shadows
Left enough pages said
Out the windows
A vision, mostly decorated
Of greater purpose
And meaningful repose
When in centuries recorded
From difference to difference
Within changes most certain
Me unto myself
And the other way round
Clocks another hour
As season do swing
In numbers forgotten homeward
Where stages another act
That had the first impression made
Solemn words then touch
For deeper still in all focus
Laughter for fools
Lower somewhere, perhaps pleasure
Pain the most noble
Always undress, moons to perfume
And rivers to tears
Such alchemy most respected
Sacrifice, yet a voice mustered
How well the world blame
Your tone’s too rich
Might promise enough fame
To have your candles
In midnight carnal voids ignited
And guaranteed sharper minds
To the accident let us please sing…


To name a few…

Eight paragraphs beyond
Upon a moonlit night
Dawns fresh light of trust
To make believe eyes as just
Then rose warmth somewhere
To air lit as fire remain
Always receding escaping breaths
Then thought must’ve been room better
For spaces divided, charter first
But fortune! O sodden!
The air to bring me life
Unasked, yet granted
Flourishes and blooms
From forests to oceans
All brilliant and diverse.
Happiest then we still hold
Possible worlds we negate
Through the window every time
A room of thought
And the air of life
Holding hands in narrow lanes
Where spirits condense
Circle around in blue and pale
Stars silver shine among
Hair and hair of endless decay
Gentle greens behind shy
As heavens perfume cry
For the air had to leave
Cast somehow
Light on departed coal…



Serving textual sentence
For generations made easy
Must have your age cast
Among wanderers of shadows
Caught unawares this time
With false eyes and withered face
Patient and unspoken her brow
Forever your backhand wishes
This time again to her claim
Picky of feelings, as if sold in malls
Clearly your text did not contain
Free spirits of a forest
But you govern ever still
And complain of a bad taste
Rather snob of a puritan
Deep down just malevolence
Your best line of defense
Let me remind you friend
The day we first met
When you lit fires
Very close to our forest
It was then winter,
Perhaps why you felt the urge
To hunt the beast you desire
And shook my hands clean
Hardly knew what went on
Until morning I see
I see the forest burn down
For that beast, wild as child
Could not be contained
And then you shook hands again
This once you introduced yourself
And you had courage
Pronouncing me not a friend
Helped in chances of disgust
Unable to yet see
How your negative vibe was here
Captured and mastered
When I chose to embrace
Engage and speak to trees
To cut new paths on her skin
Owning her body again
Glorified in self interest
That is how it must be done
The capital you invest
All booze, sex and photograph
To justify capital profitable.
Then when I crawled upon her
She confessed a certain pain
Of nearing death
Entangled in your web
In dew drops morning eyes weep
To remind solemn a sheep
How wet grasses sleep
Night after night pure choices
Dissected feelings render shit
And thrown away, unwanted
Unneeded, unheeded
Formed in male greed, your cities
Feminine but the forest conserve
To resist in blood
Every shame that you deserve.




First a fire, then gaze
Most joys must so bake
Another one in broadened light
Certain fumes in woods recall
Moment of brief elation, outside time
Then again this wasn’t most
For unbroken gaze to fire
Description of pictures
Words and phrases resume
Humble names to feelings new
Dance and shades with countless truths
How real must have imagined
For tears and smiles prove
Effects in art and design
Sometimes sodden as a silent night
Pierced through as candle bright
When outside stood another chapter
Eyeing matters inside
Caught to chance this time
And confessed all through the night
How real to heart beat
Only imagined in sight
Never would then otherwise
Forms to hate condense
And notions sound incapable
For dancing alone ever still
Horrible misfortune the forgotten
I wish and I wish well
Once could have remembered
Wiser songs written down
Of course to come alive
When images the heart blind
But then again would be untrue
For unconscious I bank
Never to speak arranged…




Quieter nights with apparel ranged
Hidden behind illness of change
A season gained in loss of heart
Hollow each and limited art
Where blood screams of cold
By the river on moonlit side
Misfortune our intimate
Cursed before in selfish rage
And later brotherly gaze
Conversed breathing pictures
Forgotten in several time
And selves never cast
Enough then perhaps better
Open skies endless here
More than that was assumed
Before disease shielded escaped
Leaving behind just the page
In blank visions to stare
All that falls shall be true
Hence to own shadows in lights
Designs and rich prophecies
Rising cornered each too high
Borders to cages all comply
Meek tonight the beast in shackles
Yet hopeful ears and eyes assemble
Collected whether walk or still
Always outsides that thrill
Certain then instincts praise
Moments as happen in days
A play in melody you seem
Mine to which notes bleed
Urging again to have shared
But your course granted dear
Step by step concealed in pace
Strategic beast to griffon form
His presence then upon a tree
Ancient wisdom green
To blue shrills upon those who tell
And darker than your gold
Trophies shining placed on hands
Proud then this figure you hold
And goddess some clever clothes
I grasp transparent
Could use this once more
For I often get tired of trees
Should find your gold to sit.


Semantic Justice – 2



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#23 Aborted by user.







Insurgent this flow together
Among chores in men suppressed
Moving in words often bless
Photographs in memory confess…

Stand before you naked
When I met you
Rising forms to endless hues
A clan among the warriors
This rage shall shake
Dances in every groove
Neck seeded her display
Merchant doubt in convey
To lips mine in a gaze
How much shall it take?
Tea rose on perfect perfume
Nose to her neck inhale
Wine and secrecy of wild
Master one to others seated
Upward upon her thigh
Rowing mystery past prelude
Devouring bodies in time
Circles to spiral a fiery notion
Creation in womb the warrior resumes
Sleeping jinxed to a world heated
Born virgin into the way conclude
Riches and glory always escape
Her arms forever encase
Our children in cosmic dust
Merciless consume.

Let me see you undress
On blue bird you can flame
This morning cigarette blame
Heart’s safe in primal cage
What truth can be?
Art finds the tribe
And the clan renewed
Proud she stands
Sooth her eyes
To fuming Medusa recall
A bleeding knight of eyes
To head amongst champions
Ingress bound he stood
Cobblestones to galaxy
Of muses certain
This night of knights.







Miscreant (54 x 36)

Wrap mine, this filth around you,
Foremost to the absurd apprentice
Dying legions of shiver contention
To certain treacherous intention.

Yes! Yes! Mostly applauded
Your semantics of justice
Refuge those lost in wonder
Beneath your desirous anger
The Christian faith that plagues
I see time and time again
Fits of beat degeneration
From Kabbalah to guttery speech
Feeding anal cavities of perception
Vomiting out
This verses that
Cat chases rat
Sure you brag,
Come to me, I’ll set you free
McDonald’s a burger the fee
High quality moral
In oppression of the fittest
If you win, I change the game
Until you lose, I win.
Input, the questions you have
My face to your haze
The Miscreant in glow
Praise the lord!
What is it that you see?
Trust, cage, hope or sex?
Smart! None of the above!

I will swallow you,
Make you out the answer
Puke in morning shower.
A person died at 27.
Cause: Wilderness.

A bind spot, the dot in galaxy
One hundred and twenty five
Sixty six and seventy nine
Together we make mine
These loops and sacred wine.

Your semantics versus mine blood muses
Gory to the eye, angels fly
Soaked in meaning, thy rectum nooks
Moist explosion, those yellowed boots.
On the way home, streets lined
Where we drive confined
Beyond that a lively niche
Plagued mouth yours, left behind
Brushing my teeth forms a lie.

Tans fixation the wine and a lie
Circles a chain, lest you cry.


Shades Again



Over now beloved faces,
Deeper shades have you undress
Frantic judgment, the night’s call
In pieces of utmost intrigue
Again, love you more!
Parting words to endless skies
In the woods a humble seat,
Where she must speak.
Nine years and counting,
Mist to Prince comforting
The Elder enough to declare
Mouthwatering a held prophecy
Three numbers to part see,
Settled among the world as such
Spades to Grades, all granted
Within but a fire blazes.

Children lost in adult conspiracy
As purple muses dejected confess
Desires to have understood
And reasons to challenge few
After the body animate echoes
Chapters and chapters
Meaning and meanings
Greet Your Highness renewed
A legendary being, never present
In matters of lewd pretension
Having you then a midnight ponder
Where in beds lay confused
Political love and poetry asunder,
Synonymic crap until you brood
And this a page along mine issue…

Sitting by, the evening escapes
Golden fumes over icy tunes
Contextual trees in autumn groom
Synced paces from divine mediation
Hovered forms to spirits collected
Prince until ascends manifested.

“Dark o’ Dark! Curtains Please!
I have you to body’s seek.
What of purpose you speak?
Schemes when eyes always leak.
If it be valid, the master craze
I must the channels praise,
A root of the apt in hunt
Charm the mortal to month…”