Been too far out,
Among desires of thin air
Some tools and sole body spare
By your grace alone, nobody stare
Often a climb in some words echo
Wonders to images azure
All which in quiet diffuse
As in slumber she lay
I was born inside her
Forever lost among skies
To find myself in highs
For each a breath humble
Silent seeded inside
Comes out as smoke
Rhythm in aid stride
Wishes to engage
And rebel freely at times
Fastest to think
And slowest to move
Infinite this juggle.
Then as first light she spread
Flashed the mountain gaze
In white all clad
To hunger impatient eyes fall
Whiteness the narrative depart
Speeding down the mountain
Into depths of cold obscurity
Leaving soul this body spare
Where I considered her eyes
And heard a pull loud
Uncharted then we moved
Thus, mentor and I
To her shoulder and higher
Reaching for the temple
Where that private affair
To kiss and disappear
Finding echoes again.





Upon slopes tones breathing fine
Seated among gentle greens
Folded to eyes as shut
Stars and planets bound trust
Here into darkness immaculate blend
Screams in furious echoes
And beats shine thorough
Ambience of unbroken crimson haze
Balancing figures as they surround
Fire somewhere
Dance then always lost in your gaze
Certain things rare turbulence shape
Holding light flutter to indigo sky
There from sudden butterfly
Severe scented perfume high
Forgotten then into an ace of dreams
Fifty five and twenty nine
Superior touch to seasons’ hold
All joys in lazy afternoons
Fading always deeper into background
Crazes that had once storms scold
What kind of cast this I carry
Come over again and set me free…