Serving textual sentence
For generations made easy
Must have your age cast
Among wanderers of shadows
Caught unawares this time
With false eyes and withered face
Patient and unspoken her brow
Forever your backhand wishes
This time again to her claim
Picky of feelings, as if sold in malls
Clearly your text did not contain
Free spirits of a forest
But you govern ever still
And complain of a bad taste
Rather snob of a puritan
Deep down just malevolence
Your best line of defense
Let me remind you friend
The day we first met
When you lit fires
Very close to our forest
It was then winter,
Perhaps why you felt the urge
To hunt the beast you desire
And shook my hands clean
Hardly knew what went on
Until morning I see
I see the forest burn down
For that beast, wild as child
Could not be contained
And then you shook hands again
This once you introduced yourself
And you had courage
Pronouncing me not a friend
Helped in chances of disgust
Unable to yet see
How your negative vibe was here
Captured and mastered
When I chose to embrace
Engage and speak to trees
To cut new paths on her skin
Owning her body again
Glorified in self interest
That is how it must be done
The capital you invest
All booze, sex and photograph
To justify capital profitable.
Then when I crawled upon her
She confessed a certain pain
Of nearing death
Entangled in your web
In dew drops morning eyes weep
To remind solemn a sheep
How wet grasses sleep
Night after night pure choices
Dissected feelings render shit
And thrown away, unwanted
Unneeded, unheeded
Formed in male greed, your cities
Feminine but the forest conserve
To resist in blood
Every shame that you deserve.





Mocking yellow this time again
Power intention in game begin
Upon the strength in breeze
Angry of injury in peace…

Forefathers of organized reasoning
Whose vanity in markets sell
Under impressions of attitudes
Brewed in utmost lechery
Reeking of hollow pain and suffering
Enough to cause spasms in heart
Respecting roots in rain I depart.

Behaviorism moulded in urgency
Because never had the world seen
Comfortable in judgments
Satisfying a will to live
That when needed has faith
In overpowering flattery
Having noticed at the start
Mountain yields I depart.

Administrators of relationships
Craven in restrains of reflection
For the seer could not be confined
To bedlams of directorial pleasures
Thus fumed of expensive smoke
A curtain before the eyes
Which then intrudes sensual art
Into darkness I must depart.

For all absorbing
Legions if to name me
Wishful other must see
Only skeletal apprehensions
Towering but never told
Holding all in weathers still
Graves to this tree.