On silent raindrop country spring
Warm echoes in shades serene
Come closer to whisper scenes
Of mist encased and ocean’s dream
On mountain through my body green
Where I hold to let loose
And expand from curtain in air
Some voices and breaths on my skin
Dissolve further down my seam
After last whisky and smokey rains
Told in currents of lighter perfume
We tremble arms to arms curtail
Where often a moon radiates
Warmer treasures of silent nights
Waving perhaps a second name
To sharpen visions ready seem
Spoken through a body again
A mountain in thinner voice
Enough along serious routes
Broken and folded new
Out into the skies can tell
How thin the air
And bodies sound share
Vibrant glows all among
Stars shine of handsome game
To final a release
Among chapters of buggy shares
Windward our dream shapes…




To name a few…

Eight paragraphs beyond
Upon a moonlit night
Dawns fresh light of trust
To make believe eyes as just
Then rose warmth somewhere
To air lit as fire remain
Always receding escaping breaths
Then thought must’ve been room better
For spaces divided, charter first
But fortune! O sodden!
The air to bring me life
Unasked, yet granted
Flourishes and blooms
From forests to oceans
All brilliant and diverse.
Happiest then we still hold
Possible worlds we negate
Through the window every time
A room of thought
And the air of life
Holding hands in narrow lanes
Where spirits condense
Circle around in blue and pale
Stars silver shine among
Hair and hair of endless decay
Gentle greens behind shy
As heavens perfume cry
For the air had to leave
Cast somehow
Light on departed coal…