Seaside Affair

On a desirous odyssey
Kept hidden in secrecy
The eyes on gazes could tell
Hearts broken and bleeding
Thumping deeper still as life
To go on and greet
Sublime colours on the shore.

There had been many
The everyday and visitors
Sat, witnessed the boundless sea
Lay down in sun’s divinity
Young girls and boys made castles
Fishermen blabbered routine tales
Variety walked into the sea.

I was there
She was not mine only
Warm waters meeting
Pulling at feet
Playful as the pup
Demanded day’s activity.

Waves, as you know, splashed
Once all around me
Drifting tides
Lows and highs
Afloat in her love
Content, the bodies meet…




Rise! Form dreams anew
Shake off dusty shadows
Everything condenses.
Brand new breaths
Come home again
Impress days in flavours
My wild child
Sweet pleasures of life!

Reach out and find
The rhythm to perform
My scented dainty
Monsters under your bed
We hold nothing back.

Greet times old and new
Relive the forgotten waves
All day’s divine
Vagrant comedians ashore
Eyebrows witty in the sky
Dead fishes go with the flow!

Swim! Against and through currents
Makes you surge
Be beautiful again
Smile! Let the sun shine!


I found wilderness at the sea

Withdrawn in chambers of thought
Sat reclined, murmurs about
In peace we live the tale forgotten
As natural a way to life…

Must’ve known the pleasures kind
And pampers full of care
That I received at home
Those days of learning to fly

Traditional classic, the good guy blind
Juggernaut, grandfather word kind
From letters formed at school
Always knew left from right.

The ways already known
Just had to walk and profess
Stale, the desire is made
This season of flight.

Outdoors, when I ventured
Walked into the sea
Slashed one by one
Usual waters hearty.

Newness was born, the boundless song
Collisions of rhyme and rhythm
Break and fall back right again
Suspended the thoughtful movement.

Saline waters undress
Liars from lovers
Wounds all heal
But lies drown entirely

Then we realize for sure
Art of waves in tides
Never mind the dishonest affair
I found wilderness at the sea!






Boundless the waters parade
Calm by the sea choices to make
Must burn my skin red
Early temptation a fix
I seek until there is more
To put my heart at rest
By the shore I confess…

Have limited myself to screens
Blind and lost sound screams
Where holding on still
The desire so pure
Must not let go
Why? Must we always leave?

These waves abound
Keep reaching the shore
Like I made my ways to you
But recede back
Washing clean
Moist sands
Footprints I weave

Walks about in no need
None tasks to heed
Sitting around
Smile a little
Let breezes shape your hair
Sands curve your body
Eyes reaching wherever
No worries
Boundless is the sea.



Speak later when in town
Surely the old fashioned brown
Grey hair have settled just fine
Why bother morning sunshine…

Books all lay forgotten
Not collecting dust
Because girls would clean
Fresh hours of every day.

Market surges on papers
Here decorated this way or that
Daily jobs and cash
Evenings made domestic friends

A laptop would make things fine
If they would just repair
If they would sometimes care…

Who are they? I wish to know
Working away in midnight flavour
Still fresh after morning slumber

Laptops won’t boot again
Books won’t see your eyes
For we’ve all matured
To this slow decay…