Warm in the Woods

Image Credits> Joshua Newton

An honour it is, nothing less
To have on crossed paths
The drink in fire taste
Your lips how they’d remind
Of truth in pleasure sink
To melodies in colours sing
Stars among skies shine
Of endless joys and country spring
How I’d stumble on crystal sacred
Hours and hours of unbroken gaze
Perhaps times in due credit
Wished in terms never more
Where to ashes until this day
Sparks attended in my eye
That had all fuel unburnt let go
Blank sheets and pains in wait
Where a picture of browns emerged
In solemn shades perhaps unsaid
A little while longer
To have the moment relate
Where vibes develop in tribe
Fire beneath clouded sky
My mate’s fast asleep
Yet somewhere legends speak
Of this ballet in hoods
As it folds afresh
Holding waters within…




To have walked a thousand miles
Enough on averages seek
Mild delusions and sacred fears
Glory cast on conscious racks
Filled in direction one and none
All have a tale to tell
Outside the confines, if you will
Eyes and wine all shine
On nights when clouded
Empty hearts in blood drenched
Draw more power
Every inch of recorded time
Methods always question
About cartographic happiness
In a wold made of silk
Where are you going?
May I come along?
Sure, warmer nonetheless
Evenings our food share
Nights next to you
And mornings together begin
Where skies the earth kiss
Celebrated finitude
As two lines meet
Shades then painted skies
With darkness fallen below
Soon we falter in lights sing
In fading echoes, stars rhyme
Helped by methods aged
Straight intentions speak
With yours lips to mine
But let this earth so conceived
A ball with skies all around
Even other bodies
Then a man on brighter of his days
Had dreams so shaped
That each a stride, pictures speak
Behind which realities fade
Into lines drawn on endless skies
His division all around
Morals read mostly confused
Afraid and nervous all the more
Like one with glands sweaty
Convex bodies and tongues crafty
What am I supposed to do?
There’s no space to express
A dear one forever limits
Rest lost in coherencies
Of the divided tribe
Music enough to survive
All lone in lined streets
Filled with stars again
Yonder two bodies sing
To each other in harmony
And the skies around still holding
This ball in faith
This ball of hate
Far beyond universal conceptions
Of division and abstraction
Our noses reality inhale
All lines within…



Creatures among great and lone
Forest swell in shades so long
As a fire hungry within
Desires to wash again
Eyes forever, in her perfume drenched
To speak questions between tales
For a ship in relational field
Sings somewhat to echo please
In my channels hail odyssey
Wishful upon a moon midnight
And fragrances from stars
Our lips mostly hiss
Wonder after wonder
How beautiful it seems
To be fascinated, yet able
In words of verse and dare
To your heart’s content
And to mine resonance trace
Each of which I breathe in
Repeat and repeat furthermore
As all of you for me chose
A few pictures here and there
Some careless, others full of hate
And the rest conspired in jealously
Spin often quite loud as ever
Churns from centre to spread
In silent nights where I scream
Possibly woken from a dream
Where will you put this shadow?
Under the pillow or tooth fairy?
For yearning reaching skies again
To find us among stars
Dust in our eyes gleam
Perhaps some winter fire
Drums to chanting voices
I hear outside the window
Among them seated, I find
Ponder to wonder all exhausted
Just a guilt sodden head in play
For I am you and you are me
Where do we find a place to be?
Come find me a sacred dream
Where we dance again
Seeded in golden silk
To breeze this heart beats.



From sudden a frail echo
Of the voice in scent once known
Forlorn in heavens speaker roar
As they sat silent in stools made
Finest hairs and glasses fair
Towards sanitised a cultural remain
Of once this scent in woods known
Songs of mist and desire
Lost eternal in speeches
Fire below as curtains stare
For outside our forest blaze
In chapters now tread
One after the other my call
To witness another ear
As the heart might skip a beat
To your eyeless twitch breeze
Then foremost beauty I hold
To speak in devil’s name
My body to its share
Divided in tongues
That often in wines drench
Dancing to the air in a cave
And truth be told before fire
That my chalice forever empty
Full of nothing, always overflow
Down the mountains, waterfalls as such
Lagoons soaked in handkerchiefs
Resonates peace all over again
Then finest a glory shaped today
Folding arms to arms again
None but spirits resume
The fire born now
In a richer perfume…




Been too far out,
Among desires of thin air
Some tools and sole body spare
By your grace alone, nobody stare
Often a climb in some words echo
Wonders to images azure
All which in quiet diffuse
As in slumber she lay
I was born inside her
Forever lost among skies
To find myself in highs
For each a breath humble
Silent seeded inside
Comes out as smoke
Rhythm in aid stride
Wishes to engage
And rebel freely at times
Fastest to think
And slowest to move
Infinite this juggle.
Then as first light she spread
Flashed the mountain gaze
In white all clad
To hunger impatient eyes fall
Whiteness the narrative depart
Speeding down the mountain
Into depths of cold obscurity
Leaving soul this body spare
Where I considered her eyes
And heard a pull loud
Uncharted then we moved
Thus, mentor and I
To her shoulder and higher
Reaching for the temple
Where that private affair
To kiss and disappear
Finding echoes again.



Fill in the blank(s)

Somewhere in contrast our bodies soar
Journey that had its day made
Available in wishful contention
Another one to the right, forced call
Had been weary of slumber forgotten
Where I refuse to be sane
Your judgements of mushy frame
This picture has a name
In that forest, as intimacy loomed
A textual being in words resume
Of worship and strong purpose
Spatial your breath always consume
Mists and finer curtains
Behind which our formed eyes close
Best kept secrets in darker dwellings
Dancers made of smoke
And angels in water spring
Where lone my griffon hankers
The night in wings made of fire
Screech certain a sound once
Over your ears that escaped
Borrowed again from tradition
What we call religion of shame
Force then to dissolve
As my eyes fixed tremble
In faith that had been
To your echoes, I bend
For night you had contained
In contamination of your will
To pronounce matters as just
I depart the resounding veil
Dry as ever could have been
For that beast you had mentioned
Stung as if from medicine needle
Promising chapters and chapters of health
But beneath strong purpose as taught
Saw seated comfortably again
How smokes to heights expand
Then tired rains welcome doom
Figments of smoke in whole
To the ground desperately thrash
As if prophesying a bright sunny day
If that is how it is meant to be
I don’t see to what decree
Then matters, beyond the frame we choose
Uncomprehended and delightfully new
Wishes our bodies in shape curtail
Rectangles and finer squares
To roots then define
Every step in yonder direction
Spelled out in lustful names
Forget not the griffon soars
Eyeing your worship and prey
To settle its hunger another day.



On silent raindrop country spring
Warm echoes in shades serene
Come closer to whisper scenes
Of mist encased and ocean’s dream
On mountain through my body green
Where I hold to let loose
And expand from curtain in air
Some voices and breaths on my skin
Dissolve further down my seam
After last whisky and smokey rains
Told in currents of lighter perfume
We tremble arms to arms curtail
Where often a moon radiates
Warmer treasures of silent nights
Waving perhaps a second name
To sharpen visions ready seem
Spoken through a body again
A mountain in thinner voice
Enough along serious routes
Broken and folded new
Out into the skies can tell
How thin the air
And bodies sound share
Vibrant glows all among
Stars shine of handsome game
To final a release
Among chapters of buggy shares
Windward our dream shapes…




Escape into words, all humble sin
Know my nature breathe within
Where mist in snow immaculate blend
Wonder to ponder each useless sing
Tales from open mouth trends
Which on heavy airs feed
Scuffle in their own narrative
For fairness forms thinnest of ease
To walk then the uncomprehended seam
As rhyme fades into whitened verse
To pleasure rhythm from whisker beast
Inside a cage sole wisdom speak
Heard often when legs scream
Idols of warm luxury
Hardened in silent breaks
As her lips on mine lay
Welcoming prudent embrace
Proud her evening mountain face
Worn on a golden collar
Has mine ashes shape
Into drapes firmly about
Bent from the neck then
Toes tap in thirty paces
Ever onward to her beat
The whiskered beast rejoice
In songs that of stars shine
Truth in hearts can find
To shake dreams off lies
Way in which we abide…




Upon slopes tones breathing fine
Seated among gentle greens
Folded to eyes as shut
Stars and planets bound trust
Here into darkness immaculate blend
Screams in furious echoes
And beats shine thorough
Ambience of unbroken crimson haze
Balancing figures as they surround
Fire somewhere
Dance then always lost in your gaze
Certain things rare turbulence shape
Holding light flutter to indigo sky
There from sudden butterfly
Severe scented perfume high
Forgotten then into an ace of dreams
Fifty five and twenty nine
Superior touch to seasons’ hold
All joys in lazy afternoons
Fading always deeper into background
Crazes that had once storms scold
What kind of cast this I carry
Come over again and set me free…



Semantic Justice – 9


Fancy that soar to another person in question about whether reality shows upon screens with feather cast or ornaments shining through assimilation of thought as background data.

For threads are made by broken shame that you will find in hands of those things which will allow me to come back from vacation to make sure that your arms are folded around me.

In this truth we welcome ideas burning insane visuals behind your own site entangled in accordance to sight loss for words that have wise men away from your favorite movie.

Your body as well enough alone can witnesses lava slide through your embrace that holds justice against rhythm in eternal springs of desire.

Then over to your question about my future generations will have more followers everyday unless otherwise indicated above my feet.

Avoid using your credit cards for words in his room have selected fights over time with his brother who had been given up for his own mind exhibition in your head without high performance computing.

Better get some sleep tonight with large volumes that hold rain in a breathy ritual of orange chicken nuggets from your browser cache in my opinion of your information outflow.

Clap your hands now that I’m going into water where they were once lit thinking all is going through my phone when the sun comes into force that designs your life in moonlight fades faster than any gaze.

Must you then hold your head in shame?

See you later when they have done nothing for truth or justice in different languages that happen as if my eyes are swallowing razor blades in venom.