Image Credits: Marc Sendra Martorell

Must’ve been the ageless sky
Invisible, but always seen
Some faith, some fly
Would’ve known elsewhere
From sphere to spheres
Cast in ink and processors
Stories of those who travel
At home or on road
Never though on hold
What then could magic respell
If only trust did it seek
Forever so has been
That word each our breaths keep
In a heart full of secrets
Throbs to let it all out
A circle of life, if you will
Mysteries lie forgotten
A bed of roses, with wine
Found in luxury as well
Imitated in systems true
That must again in trust realize
Colours onto transparent glass…
How can I then separate?
Matters from space
Once, from another story
Lines of thought as such
Some pass through, others fail
When colourless self I sensed
All light makes through and out
In tasteful flavours but bent
None green better than red
Atmosphere, Atmosphere
Then another self I felt
Transparent, Transparent
We’d never see each other again
Not here, nor there, Not anywhere
Nor believe, Nor trust
For bodies sensed once
Divided forlorn in minds
Those who wished to own
Rivers down mountains
And warmer cheeks
Land, waters, trees
Rising always to skies
Steam out our cries.



Miss Tree

On a callous blue moon
Where skies often fume
Reads a legend in daze
Away from lifeless haze
Often so long as eyes fix
This one spot in clouded mix
And dreams often form
All around as petals often sing
Of wonders in the honey bee
Trespasser certain, but wins
Devotion collected among some tree
Matterless sipped warmth in ginger honey
As if our own remedy
Fortune then favoured a receding tale
Empty costumes could tell
How in bodies comfort they seek
When left alone to speak
Figures then the cast unknown
Silent chapters behind the written
Of the moon in the sky
Deceiving the son lie
To a glory that has our light made
In visions when dreams now fail
Folds back to the cold
Closed and bold
Present in swift…



From sudden a frail echo
Of the voice in scent once known
Forlorn in heavens speaker roar
As they sat silent in stools made
Finest hairs and glasses fair
Towards sanitised a cultural remain
Of once this scent in woods known
Songs of mist and desire
Lost eternal in speeches
Fire below as curtains stare
For outside our forest blaze
In chapters now tread
One after the other my call
To witness another ear
As the heart might skip a beat
To your eyeless twitch breeze
Then foremost beauty I hold
To speak in devil’s name
My body to its share
Divided in tongues
That often in wines drench
Dancing to the air in a cave
And truth be told before fire
That my chalice forever empty
Full of nothing, always overflow
Down the mountains, waterfalls as such
Lagoons soaked in handkerchiefs
Resonates peace all over again
Then finest a glory shaped today
Folding arms to arms again
None but spirits resume
The fire born now
In a richer perfume…




On silent raindrop country spring
Warm echoes in shades serene
Come closer to whisper scenes
Of mist encased and ocean’s dream
On mountain through my body green
Where I hold to let loose
And expand from curtain in air
Some voices and breaths on my skin
Dissolve further down my seam
After last whisky and smokey rains
Told in currents of lighter perfume
We tremble arms to arms curtail
Where often a moon radiates
Warmer treasures of silent nights
Waving perhaps a second name
To sharpen visions ready seem
Spoken through a body again
A mountain in thinner voice
Enough along serious routes
Broken and folded new
Out into the skies can tell
How thin the air
And bodies sound share
Vibrant glows all among
Stars shine of handsome game
To final a release
Among chapters of buggy shares
Windward our dream shapes…



To name a few…

Eight paragraphs beyond
Upon a moonlit night
Dawns fresh light of trust
To make believe eyes as just
Then rose warmth somewhere
To air lit as fire remain
Always receding escaping breaths
Then thought must’ve been room better
For spaces divided, charter first
But fortune! O sodden!
The air to bring me life
Unasked, yet granted
Flourishes and blooms
From forests to oceans
All brilliant and diverse.
Happiest then we still hold
Possible worlds we negate
Through the window every time
A room of thought
And the air of life
Holding hands in narrow lanes
Where spirits condense
Circle around in blue and pale
Stars silver shine among
Hair and hair of endless decay
Gentle greens behind shy
As heavens perfume cry
For the air had to leave
Cast somehow
Light on departed coal…




Horizons afar, present in calm emergence
Of two, the healthy sake,
Once again but desires shape.
Soar and sour, endless skies,
Roar and roar, stronger cries.
A perfumery of this evening
Hands renewed in current
And eyes in timid release
Dance to unison, a seasoned sage
As spirits in darker musings
Herald their son home.

Upon a greater contention
Forever the resounding price
Which had since made mine,
Different than the rest
The echo in chants I hold,
Evening sun to my price.
But then, if you wander,
Renewed until star’s gaze
Must you the halts praise
Shook in friendly confine
Hands and mostly pleasures fine
Acknowledge those washed lanes,
In winters foamy steps that chain.

Sometimes between memories composed,
Samples figures of curios search
A naïve dishonesty in fresh age,
I remember and I remember well,
Pictures smoldering, not analyzed,
Tunes mellow down, yet paralyzed.
Uncertain the sole force,
Holding beings to secrecies thus far,
One by one, must they disappear?
Age and die or broken and fly,
But always shall be
This sage, had seen,
Two of the Dragons
In heightened reflection.




Blossoming calm and free,
As storms engulf thee,
Embraced in carnal fantasies,
Fruits denouncing luxury,
How cold those endless days,
Flaked white roads,
Smoky tops,
There must be a fire,
Feasting seasoned wood,
And luscious greetings,
The guests pour home…

Over here, upon the high,
Voices in streams,
Awakened sleep,
Derived of bleak shame,
Infused in pretentions joys,
Longing to set free,
Notions reaching eternity,
Fixed on a window,
On the outside,
A flowering creamy tale,
Naked in contained beauty,
Springing in rich melody!

Numb on the inside,
Seeking resurrection,
Stone a cause so pure,
Heavens deny the fatal call,
Of duties in air ranged,
Howls in flashes arranged,
And then my sleep,
Weary of this plight,
Owing an empty birth.
Where mighty Heathens sing,
Delusional verses Rhymes!
Hold me! Meet the devil’s rage,
Uplifted in supremacy,
Bottled in confused fury,
This perfume,
As nostrils escape,
A fresh dewy morning,
Blanketed in spicy hues,
Dizzy and wither,
I dine anxiously!




Escaping words onward still,
Humbly at my door,
Deafening, yearns for slumber,
This heavenly lechery,
Fed by duty of wisdom,
I wish to speak,
Would you hear?
Resounding voices,
Enough of them,
Trailing a story within,
Of humorous tasks
And empty chalices,
Regaining a lively niche,
Confronted in salvation,
Beneath the treasonous night,
Pocketed in comforting shades…

Grasslands among clouds,
Neighs walking through,
Flying rebuttal,
And victorious sages,
Flying mellow spirits,
In contained frames,
Dying to be heard,
A loner but the sky wanders!

Slithering pains,
Body jinxed and arched,
Any decree you name,
But blood seeping gradually,
Strengthens a tower,
Where poets and men,
Women and Jellies,
Feed dying babies,
Suckling a wishful nectar,
The bee had once met,
In midst of a lone summer day,
Exterminated in shame,
Blossomed in rain,
Those jasmines,
Perfuming the hour…

Rising scents to skies,
Sacrifices made,
Enlightened sun,
Damp feathery tales,
Owing surplus sheds,
Towards the new game
Eyes falter in pain!
And hello!!! It rains again…

Sat echoed in drumesque pleasures,
Guilty of tongue’s peek,
Perhaps a kiss you seek!





Pocketed there fake maneuvers,
Empty currency clinging,
Close at hearts pace,
The foul sorceress plays,
Malicious chants, feverish blaze,
For it never was the same,
By goners and giggly raves,
Marooned in a night’s fame,
Honour be the present.
And duty should the name,
Coming together,
But a silver moon?
Reflecting ever still,
Sudden a pang, full of misery…

“What was that?”
“A broken glass!”
“Who broke it?”
“I don’t know…”

Rhubarbs sharing costumes,
Delight at stage,
Maybe too much at stake,
Fallen angels and revisited memories,
Beloved duties and alters shaping!
Give him the want, a lively need,
A shelter and some food,
Cautioned in a cold blanket,
Smothering a new pleasure,
A muse lost in misery…

Come to me,
I will keep you safe,
Hidden in tranquil mauve,
Chalice and a dreamy ooze,
Wretched my existence,
Futile the game,
Stiffened in gold,
Grey matters, frothy and numb,
Producing a callous jigsaw,
Measuring the might,
Smokes all around then…

“What is this now?”
“A tired tree!”
“What has it been doing?”

Aloof, unreported and unseen,
Humbles of viscous greenery,
A deader bark,
Coming leaves,
Fluting the pain,
Rejoicing again…



Oh! Fuchs!


Homecoming dreams and shades,
With masters, my hands, they lay,
Into the greening mist,
Channeled the eye,
Embracing what it should have,
Blackened cradles,
Gothic muses,
A hope amuses!

Enslaving me then!
An eye within this den!
I see no more!
I am now and before!
The eye third and sight,
Conjuring moods afresh,
Measuring souls renewed,
And the fingers,
Softly they roll,
Ear lobes essential calls,
Ecstatic whispers,
And sometimes the tongue!
Towering emotions,
Blooded convulsions!
What should I make?
A life at stake!

And then lay a chest!
Darker greens and swift,
Spiraling visions,
Levitating swings,
Close enough instantly!
I can hear it breathe!

Opening now!
A brilliant light!
What was there?
What did I see?

Oh! Fuchs!