From sudden a frail echo
Of the voice in scent once known
Forlorn in heavens speaker roar
As they sat silent in stools made
Finest hairs and glasses fair
Towards sanitised a cultural remain
Of once this scent in woods known
Songs of mist and desire
Lost eternal in speeches
Fire below as curtains stare
For outside our forest blaze
In chapters now tread
One after the other my call
To witness another ear
As the heart might skip a beat
To your eyeless twitch breeze
Then foremost beauty I hold
To speak in devil’s name
My body to its share
Divided in tongues
That often in wines drench
Dancing to the air in a cave
And truth be told before fire
That my chalice forever empty
Full of nothing, always overflow
Down the mountains, waterfalls as such
Lagoons soaked in handkerchiefs
Resonates peace all over again
Then finest a glory shaped today
Folding arms to arms again
None but spirits resume
The fire born now
In a richer perfume…







Often stories skyward told
Indignation constant our soul mould
Faithful rivers age and sooth
Promised lands in eyes gold
Whose indigo surmounted gloom
As scolded children in forest
Escaping wondrous perfume
To whistle blue, a thrush away
Defeated his cloak in bane
That maroon to being dissolve
Darker treasures in evening evolve
Permeating as if in echoes drenched
Forest to his fullness scavenge
Apparitions to each his word spent
And emit vapours holy all slopes
Risen sudden before the eyes
To mesh as composed in steam
Whitened moist her silver scream
Before the prince as made in wed
Mist in veil, her evening shed
Melded finest to pores in air
Thus the Prince upon his stare
Soot of the black in chase
Bewitched mortal to sage
Where maroon to silver fade
And molten spirits often parade
In cloudless that empty cage
All ears to lightning trace
Emptiness best in winter consume
As animated songs in sleep resume…




Mocking yellow this time again
Power intention in game begin
Upon the strength in breeze
Angry of injury in peace…

Forefathers of organized reasoning
Whose vanity in markets sell
Under impressions of attitudes
Brewed in utmost lechery
Reeking of hollow pain and suffering
Enough to cause spasms in heart
Respecting roots in rain I depart.

Behaviorism moulded in urgency
Because never had the world seen
Comfortable in judgments
Satisfying a will to live
That when needed has faith
In overpowering flattery
Having noticed at the start
Mountain yields I depart.

Administrators of relationships
Craven in restrains of reflection
For the seer could not be confined
To bedlams of directorial pleasures
Thus fumed of expensive smoke
A curtain before the eyes
Which then intrudes sensual art
Into darkness I must depart.

For all absorbing
Legions if to name me
Wishful other must see
Only skeletal apprehensions
Towering but never told
Holding all in weathers still
Graves to this tree.

Shades Again



Over now beloved faces,
Deeper shades have you undress
Frantic judgment, the night’s call
In pieces of utmost intrigue
Again, love you more!
Parting words to endless skies
In the woods a humble seat,
Where she must speak.
Nine years and counting,
Mist to Prince comforting
The Elder enough to declare
Mouthwatering a held prophecy
Three numbers to part see,
Settled among the world as such
Spades to Grades, all granted
Within but a fire blazes.

Children lost in adult conspiracy
As purple muses dejected confess
Desires to have understood
And reasons to challenge few
After the body animate echoes
Chapters and chapters
Meaning and meanings
Greet Your Highness renewed
A legendary being, never present
In matters of lewd pretension
Having you then a midnight ponder
Where in beds lay confused
Political love and poetry asunder,
Synonymic crap until you brood
And this a page along mine issue…

Sitting by, the evening escapes
Golden fumes over icy tunes
Contextual trees in autumn groom
Synced paces from divine mediation
Hovered forms to spirits collected
Prince until ascends manifested.

“Dark o’ Dark! Curtains Please!
I have you to body’s seek.
What of purpose you speak?
Schemes when eyes always leak.
If it be valid, the master craze
I must the channels praise,
A root of the apt in hunt
Charm the mortal to month…”


In times uncertain, most soothing,
Gambles vision to earthly screams,
Silent to the core, secrecy tamed,
Departed beings of places unnamed.

Convinced of the sun in rain,
One or two, the healthy game,
Whispers to unfold a terrain,
In dreamy cages that often chain,
Ideals of rust, towards decay,
Monsoons a dwelling, must retain,
Memories of damp curtains
And breezy delight.

Simple ages to sanctify,
Confused presences, fading light,
Wisdom in trees lay cocooned,
And graves all channeling.
Then as you might hope,
Amidst crackling smokes
Emerged a troubled flame,
Upon which a mossy stone,
Prince of sorted Necromancy
On knees and black cloak aiding,
Longer hairs and maroon eyes gleaming.
Senses to which his quality mine,
Spoken narrator, the dead confine.
Chants the tune creeper on a tree
Spirits as their sodden vaults free,
Illuminated beyond pretense
In traces of revenge,
Holy smoke, the fiery perfume,
And the modern reveal:

Badges surrender, milk’s disorder,
Twice confused and thrice mistaken,
One narration, past elation,
I bring to you the holy maze,
Champions of mother bareheaded,
Scorpions to snake to dragons see,
A glistening mulberry blackness,
Eyes puncture and ears bleed,
Gory thy wish, mine serene
All the way true,
Until the further treaty.
Shone on a mountain bright,
The evening sun to lecherous pride…





Seasonal is the word, forever assumed
Simply pouring down uneasy rain,
Loyal pictures perfume.
Upon this terrain so confused,
Enslaving dire mockery and pain
Harmonious faces gloom.
Trudges past every impression crude,
Desirous breaths of smokeless gain
In dungeons that bloom.

Lodges these in hill so dear,
Wish from perennial doors,
A curtain to blame,
That had the smother escaped,
When from the mist had emerged,
Splendid a cloak on display,
Prince of sorted necromancy
Root of the apt in hunt
Charm the mortal to month.

Hallowed cousins, room and the trees,
Endlessly contemplating,
Of measures a soil seeping.
But origin visions as such
The brother that must contain,
The world his romance to seed
Before another draft is issued in luxury.

Within harmless gazes,
In sharp darkness echo,
Prince, the numbers incidental,
Deciduous lips of the amused
And clatter of the shrewd.

Suitable then I hold,
Disguise the Prince in root,
Graves that speak in woods
Of tales and the muddle
Hallucinating beyond present,
Where images often shatter.
The keeper then recollects
Renewed in conjuring,
The spell afresh to bake.