A Summary of Life

Seek unbound
Dreams to sudden rose
Of darkness bent
Ready in glow
Warming thin air
Clouds departing fair
Our walks halted grasps
Frozen tongues elated
Foremost light, settles height
Childlike a father in display
Noble in worlds forever counts
Figures of speech
To gestures made
A honey comb maze
Woven to hold together
Memories of infantile play
Then in seasons cold
Cloaks of pride always wear
For a summary of life
Lived and counted well
Binds and frames sell
Each to its own glory
Some lips sealed
Yet from behind
I hear loud and clear
Raise this voice
That tears apart
Ice sage and silence
Rocks bleed in grey
Promising tales many
Yet unnumbered



She called my name

Forever around, never known
Bathed in glory, sunlit shone
Those walks and boundless gaze
Goes through every time
Aligned to some lather
Words in mouths foam
As if unbearable this tragedy
All must somehow know
When in cages cast, eyes slumber
Yet the voice explains
Whosoever wishes to play…
On the hill, once decorated
Dreams and rains all howl
In forests where we once sat
Before our land was sold
To this day, we walk alone
Perhaps unaware in child’s play
I did call out
And you did resonate
The first time you called my name
That which went through
Finds the walls
Scribbled in coal
From beast busy days
Picture this, then was made
Away among all eyes this day
Sumeruḥ Prithvī-madhye,
Shimmers none but you
shrūyate drishyate na tu
could from heavens tell
Or in ocean’s sleep profound
Shades of quieter evening
My eyes fixed to you
In dreams we live
Realities confuse
Strands woolen 
Yet icy cold
For the name I
Too small, too small
Always comes true
Genuine, lead, and the rest
Where it finds the tale
Of open heart display
She’d never respond
She’ll never respond
For her arms bent in silence
And head held high
With fin from a shark
Her idyll display
To when she called a name…


Tales of Silver

Withered days captured and posted
All to numb vision on surface
In ways it shone so bright
Like nothing else could have been
Truth almost, but greater fancy everything
Complete devour, yes the picture
For it shows what it hides
Under those innocent drapes
Lost conceptions to face
And vision to blur
Macros out the rest
Where I shine in my attraction
Few mistaken desires
That hid the person behind
What we had wanted to see
The perfection cast in skin
Mould and mould other refresh
Forever seduced in lies
As midnight, yet another chapter she reads
For some nurtured eclipse
Held on to words of silver age
That most prevalent in homely shapes
Offered escapes to children
Born of confused fathers
Then to Kings and Queens adorn
That under the table shakes
Apt between our legs fold
Never but the hearts suffice
Artist to artist clash
And yes shades do emerge
To hide that slivering hair
Of the daze we sipped
Countless fumes on high
And nights barely dressed
Next to each other shy
For innocent again the wold assume
And power, always in negation mention
For secrets lay eggs in dens
Awaiting serpents to care
Sometimes we murder
Others? They just pass…
Serpents, though must raise
For the moon we worship
Made of water we are
Any shape you muster
Shine in our lustre….






Clear pictures of dense smoke
Risen again to find frames
Abundant captures, yet few surface
Of desires lone to grasp
On the hill, walks adjust
Each as a sleeping shadow
Woken afresh to light
Celestial wanderers in shape
Roads upon which we tread
Step by step towards wonder
Has halted paces once again
For the brightest wanderer shines
Farewell those lips of cotton
That swept mine as polished
Departure, most then recall
How gathered pieces apart fall
When stars together collide
Mostly a flame, forever alone
Of twos to one, yet alone
Thus spreads fire perfume
At dust the recollection
Hues in the skies
Burnt pieces to ashes
Smokes arranged on forehead
Aging old and wise
To breathe in content
Few hours to midnight.


On the hill

Another, someone from me
This season around
Silent and ashamed
For some love once begotten
In hills and trees lone forgotten
Into smokes those evenings shone
From brighter yet dreamy hues
Meticulous each among preserved frames
This to that and the rest
Comes closer and disappears again
Unmoved seem eternal swings
Promising infinite forms
And countless bodies
Slaughter after another
Bellies yet unquenched
For desire purest proclaimed
Aided by emotions as such
That all have a place to say
And heads to shoulder heap
In preparation always redress
Another day our commune ages.

Counting numbers again
The dust from stars
Of heart that echoes numb
Alive in dejection
Hopeful more stubborn
The tongues all shame
Upon the recluse honesty
Merciless waters spring
Conceal gems underneath
Phenomenal anxieties unleash

Fittest of eyes still seeking
Faulty visions indeed
All along a filthy stack
Besides each on its track
Rolling downhill still
Whitened in rage
Who do I blame?
Countless yearnings
Empty miseries
Skyward yielding fire
And resonating hope
Where among breezes I sit
None wish, neither desire
No forms, none apprentice
Yet life inked to activity
Movement in rawest creativity
This fire upon my hill
Would always sit still
Come when you’re done
Done waiting
Often cold it is…



Been too far out,
Among desires of thin air
Some tools and sole body spare
By your grace alone, nobody stare
Often a climb in some words echo
Wonders to images azure
All which in quiet diffuse
As in slumber she lay
I was born inside her
Forever lost among skies
To find myself in highs
For each a breath humble
Silent seeded inside
Comes out as smoke
Rhythm in aid stride
Wishes to engage
And rebel freely at times
Fastest to think
And slowest to move
Infinite this juggle.
Then as first light she spread
Flashed the mountain gaze
In white all clad
To hunger impatient eyes fall
Whiteness the narrative depart
Speeding down the mountain
Into depths of cold obscurity
Leaving soul this body spare
Where I considered her eyes
And heard a pull loud
Uncharted then we moved
Thus, mentor and I
To her shoulder and higher
Reaching for the temple
Where that private affair
To kiss and disappear
Finding echoes again.





Before another century today fades
Temptations could seek revenge
Blindly demanding, most assessed
Undress figures gentle as such
Easing mothers that caress
The son another home.

Thereupon a muse in calming air
Channeled pieces of fresh despair.
Quite moving the thrust
A reason that must trust
Spirits in miscalculated words
To impressions of brotherly decay.
Renewed in thoughtless smoke
The red escape must together shake
Contemplations in united conspiracy
For bloody pulses nerves age
Each man a war, comforted in self affliction
Towers to a task of heavenly completion.

Nights sleep, hollows confronted
Mine to which an order departed
As such the pillow perfumed
Embraced, and yes dream bedded.

Paradoxically a poet was so named
Luxury to that a namesake
Sloshed forms and yearnings endless
What then must otherwise take?
In words we live,
Of words we die,
Simple fever, the midnight cry
Lone to falter steps encased
Steamy rivers, elusive rains
In this chamber once again.

Then, as you had believed,
From foul pastures of slimy green
Echo wanderers somewhat weary
Muddle and muddle, captivated odyssey
Learnings and championing secrecy
The brighter images of day’s lechery.

But lost are we, forever contemplating
Chasing notions beyond yonder mountains
That speak our tongues to greet afresh.
Mirror every wall, I talk to them
And art the forlorn promise
Has never conspired,
Indignation to hyperventilation
All behind the veil uncertain…





Come again a second time,
All frothy and confused,
In mosaics of fumed flurry
And deceitful luxury,
Together on a high secluded
Asunder and enough to repair,
My sweet delusions of spirit
Diseased and registered that hospital page
Mirrored on my wall of delight
Endlessly subjugating mysterious matters,
Then the rest always confronted
In shadows of magical odyssey
Beneath that each echo fade
Empties a disgust sodden name
Every notion dying to explain
The power of universe in one
And the channels all true already floating
Help the child! Aid enough to grow.

Slipping morning crimson
Slates a merry shade
The forgotten warmth,
In winters play…

Sparks of life a sinuous page,
And adrenaline rush to foster
All decades on the mountain sky.
A freshly wrapped human
In loathsome fantasy of shiny markets
Blinded in knowledge supremacy
The dearest of causes
The cherry lust in cage
Honey in amaze
Then the life lived well emits:
Iron figures decorated in rain
Birds all sit and shatter
Less do they care?
Whose world whose life?
The bountiful rust, who do I trust?




Another piece of my death,
Today afresh,
Filtering affliction renewed,
Oozing out a mouth, shrewd,
Brewed in conspiracies of desire,
Lavishly dressed in mauves,
A refined self, the muse,
Immaculate as self,
And yet burdened in rage…

Art, pieces dead,
Out from a shattered heart,
What else of my death make,
When none at stake?

Tranquilities of this spring,
Primordially gloated in me,
A sunbird, crimson, if you like,
Colliding the nectars of,
Red silk cotton,
And through each time,
Oh! But lament the cause,
For it dies yet again…

Sensual shimmers pasted,
These ever – mouldering walls,
Never together stood,
Disappearing cabins,
Humbly I claim,
Deaths to my feet,
Numerous as bees,
Until cocooned within,
Stings and honey too,
And yes mazes, the intellect
Happy as I see,
None other before,
None thereafter,
But each death,
Closeted, treasured and me!

I am the death,
And the life,
Fear yourself,
For you live!
Need I say?
I am nostalgic again!

Bring me fresh apples,
And kiwis of lust,
Until in my chamber I rust,
Pour on me then,
The sacred wine,
And the maze?

Yes! Suck the honey out,
Golden position of spirits high,
Tender on your lips,
As they come close,
Molten in pleasure,
Carved in fame,
But lost in vain…

Over to you!
I sanctify,
The longing to die…