To have walked a thousand miles
Enough on averages seek
Mild delusions and sacred fears
Glory cast on conscious racks
Filled in direction one and none
All have a tale to tell
Outside the confines, if you will
Eyes and wine all shine
On nights when clouded
Empty hearts in blood drenched
Draw more power
Every inch of recorded time
Methods always question
About cartographic happiness
In a wold made of silk
Where are you going?
May I come along?
Sure, warmer nonetheless
Evenings our food share
Nights next to you
And mornings together begin
Where skies the earth kiss
Celebrated finitude
As two lines meet
Shades then painted skies
With darkness fallen below
Soon we falter in lights sing
In fading echoes, stars rhyme
Helped by methods aged
Straight intentions speak
With yours lips to mine
But let this earth so conceived
A ball with skies all around
Even other bodies
Then a man on brighter of his days
Had dreams so shaped
That each a stride, pictures speak
Behind which realities fade
Into lines drawn on endless skies
His division all around
Morals read mostly confused
Afraid and nervous all the more
Like one with glands sweaty
Convex bodies and tongues crafty
What am I supposed to do?
There’s no space to express
A dear one forever limits
Rest lost in coherencies
Of the divided tribe
Music enough to survive
All lone in lined streets
Filled with stars again
Yonder two bodies sing
To each other in harmony
And the skies around still holding
This ball in faith
This ball of hate
Far beyond universal conceptions
Of division and abstraction
Our noses reality inhale
All lines within…



Dance Unrequited

Contamination of your kind,
Reflected in dull room chapters
Changes every page to comfort
Lust in fine silk sodden
Him as again on wire spoke
Own delusions to sense
And she coiled of nostalgic age
To room owns a play.
Free spirit, given somewhat clumsy
The fall here to decadent smirks
Who drenched in relation long enough
That each word must seduce
And moments stronger made
When nights watched over them
Disturbed sleep, countless others
But all reason to picture
Disassociated the body and self
Forever lost and stand before you
Blue eyes and intelligent highs
From cock to cunt all pleasurable
Another toke in winter haze…

It was real! It was Real!
Out they cry
Imaginations of your void
Dead beyond pretense
Yes! It was real.
All was all the time
If had you once yourself
Seen you prey.