Entangled strands thinking bright
For light so shone powerless might
Through the tunnel so escaping
Words of feather cast benign
Each on self, full in size
Must so rhyme inside
Glints of chords to dust
And dispersed in yellow sight
Diffused into greens and browns
As eyes might heart beat
Fires in forest sacrifice
To legends that rose to woven heights
None could tell which one’s which
For threads also prime
Because, because and because
In moonlit nights
Upon surface waters shine
Hopes clad in white
As winds gently sweep
Heaps of ink to write
In yarns warm and hands clean
Temple worn with feather behind
Earth which then gravity resume
To hold on light
Often then arose behind the veil
Walking down wet shores
Humble each step leading
To demise gravity off my feet
Cutting off all strings
Into water where I find
A dream cleansed inside…





Dark is sooth, the space elude,
Forlorn in darkness I see
Pictures filmed in light,
When upon a mood so fixed,
That word each the air kiss,
And spaces the circle knit,
In ink had seen pitches black
Out whiter presence feed
To life a breath complete.

Hills here are so perfumed,
That a master whom words assume,
Nostalgic woods in fire groom,
Rising soot, the alter damp,
Blackened mists, the monsoon camp.

Reeks of murky confessions,
This ashy rain of day and night,
For once had the Lord so spelt,
Men in their matters filthy
And Universe in her keep,
Fiery darkness in his eyes seep.

Streets in presence shriek,
Same old smoke, mouthful treats,
The master and the Lord so greet.

Mine but another incense
Country woods and open skies,
Balm, the moon shadowed dark,
Some soothing pangs of the night.
Immersed in shades so serene,
Slumbers must heavily dream
The harmonies that openly scream,
Of spectacles in carnal cavities,
And lo! We’re drenched in charities.

Fixed! I am to you,
Of all matters untrue,
For lone in darkness we see,
Our might unto light.