Black Verses

Hi there! I am pleased to make this minor announcement presenting poetry written in darkness. Black Verses is a collection of poems that write themselves directionless and unaware of a form, without imagining a conception to the poetic self. The colour black does not necessarily coincide with ‘dark feelings’ or is hopeful for light. Black, in this collection, is simply black. i.e. black as experienced by a poet devoured of all light:

“Like born of a touch
The fear of letting go
Dwells in silence
Where I am no more
Nor supervision of forms
Unconscious is the walk
Utterly united by the dark
Everywhere is where I am
Everyone is who I am
Nothing succeeds observation
For awareness and awareness alone
My immaculate situation…”

I have taken some time to make this collection available as a personal publication. Priced at Rs. 120/- + shipping (2$ + Shipping). , you can get a copy from amazon Click here to Buy

Alternatively, if you don’t want to pay a share to Amazon, then I can send it directly via post. The transaction can be done on PayPal – 2$ + Shipping .

The book will also available at some locations in Mussoorie, India. If you are around, you can pick up a copy from the following locations.

I would also like to thank everyone (without specifically mentioning the names – you know ho you are) who have inspired me all these years and believed that I could have a book to my name someday. Cheers to all!

Send me a message here, if you wish to buy from me! I promise to be quick with a response!