One step forward
Ten stretches back
Claim my Psyche
Or express fact
Rumble and shower
All comes back
Out the world
To your word act
Shuffle, shuffle, scuffle
Ground loses feet
Up and about
Some screams

Unheard goes by
For afraid to speak
Limited to beat
Come taste defeat
Eyes always wondering
What space, what’s sweet
Touched my hand
Revolving in streets
Of course you saw
Of course you see
Every little thrift
That flutters and tweets
Breaks on face-ward
Realities clean sweep.


That tray in your hands
Food on the table
Walks so stiff
Closer to sink
Mushy in the legs
Sweaty under arms
High on head
And poker in the nose
Snare drum about
Rolls in toms
That beat is lost
Tied to feet!

Gulps all fear
Stands in shape
But eyes pierce stare
through the belly
pollutes the chi
hollows out cold
come fuck already
Your gaze out control
What you please
Beyond all rebel
Decorates his streets
As clouds full of nothing
Comes rains to please…



A Summary of Life

Seek unbound
Dreams to sudden rose
Of darkness bent
Ready in glow
Warming thin air
Clouds departing fair
Our walks halted grasps
Frozen tongues elated
Foremost light, settles height
Childlike a father in display
Noble in worlds forever counts
Figures of speech
To gestures made
A honey comb maze
Woven to hold together
Memories of infantile play
Then in seasons cold
Cloaks of pride always wear
For a summary of life
Lived and counted well
Binds and frames sell
Each to its own glory
Some lips sealed
Yet from behind
I hear loud and clear
Raise this voice
That tears apart
Ice sage and silence
Rocks bleed in grey
Promising tales many
Yet unnumbered



Some eight miles away
Far beyond the everyday
Where streams slither
Into the most known
A conversation is sown
And greener meadows roll
Down all hills in song
One as life shared
Enough to let breathe
To railway lines home
Dissected among tales
Summer to winter all same
Varies though in shades
Into quieter corners receded
Those pages on my condition
Forever changing tongues
Collection of truths
Those jars full of sweets
Whenever I asked, was given
Of course priceless unyielding
Thank you for words then
One more time prayers range
And moulded in care
Or what was it always
Death perhaps a better tread
Trains screech on tracks
Halted misery
Come forever undone
Wishes to see no further
No more into or onto
For shapes once spiralled
In words realities bend
Logic, Logic, Logic
Hail! The most democratic
For beasts of truths lodged
Jails and traps, cultivated
Or a movie it could have been
For you to see
Times change uncalculated
Unrestrained then hearts
Forever to some beat
Measured when calm
Or prepared from trees
But shadows we carry
All logically black
Spoken barely then
Changing currency
To hold this one gem
That was once found
Lost to some wilderness
In no time
As we unfolded
Hand by hand
Slipped Eyeland…


She called my name

Forever around, never known
Bathed in glory, sunlit shone
Those walks and boundless gaze
Goes through every time
Aligned to some lather
Words in mouths foam
As if unbearable this tragedy
All must somehow know
When in cages cast, eyes slumber
Yet the voice explains
Whosoever wishes to play…
On the hill, once decorated
Dreams and rains all howl
In forests where we once sat
Before our land was sold
To this day, we walk alone
Perhaps unaware in child’s play
I did call out
And you did resonate
The first time you called my name
That which went through
Finds the walls
Scribbled in coal
From beast busy days
Picture this, then was made
Away among all eyes this day
Sumeruḥ Prithvī-madhye,
Shimmers none but you
shrūyate drishyate na tu
could from heavens tell
Or in ocean’s sleep profound
Shades of quieter evening
My eyes fixed to you
In dreams we live
Realities confuse
Strands woolen 
Yet icy cold
For the name I
Too small, too small
Always comes true
Genuine, lead, and the rest
Where it finds the tale
Of open heart display
She’d never respond
She’ll never respond
For her arms bent in silence
And head held high
With fin from a shark
Her idyll display
To when she called a name…



Image Credits: Marc Sendra Martorell

Must’ve been the ageless sky
Invisible, but always seen
Some faith, some fly
Would’ve known elsewhere
From sphere to spheres
Cast in ink and processors
Stories of those who travel
At home or on road
Never though on hold
What then could magic respell
If only trust did it seek
Forever so has been
That word each our breaths keep
In a heart full of secrets
Throbs to let it all out
A circle of life, if you will
Mysteries lie forgotten
A bed of roses, with wine
Found in luxury as well
Imitated in systems true
That must again in trust realize
Colours onto transparent glass…
How can I then separate?
Matters from space
Once, from another story
Lines of thought as such
Some pass through, others fail
When colourless self I sensed
All light makes through and out
In tasteful flavours but bent
None green better than red
Atmosphere, Atmosphere
Then another self I felt
Transparent, Transparent
We’d never see each other again
Not here, nor there, Not anywhere
Nor believe, Nor trust
For bodies sensed once
Divided forlorn in minds
Those who wished to own
Rivers down mountains
And warmer cheeks
Land, waters, trees
Rising always to skies
Steam out our cries.


Tales of Silver

Withered days captured and posted
All to numb vision on surface
In ways it shone so bright
Like nothing else could have been
Truth almost, but greater fancy everything
Complete devour, yes the picture
For it shows what it hides
Under those innocent drapes
Lost conceptions to face
And vision to blur
Macros out the rest
Where I shine in my attraction
Few mistaken desires
That hid the person behind
What we had wanted to see
The perfection cast in skin
Mould and mould other refresh
Forever seduced in lies
As midnight, yet another chapter she reads
For some nurtured eclipse
Held on to words of silver age
That most prevalent in homely shapes
Offered escapes to children
Born of confused fathers
Then to Kings and Queens adorn
That under the table shakes
Apt between our legs fold
Never but the hearts suffice
Artist to artist clash
And yes shades do emerge
To hide that slivering hair
Of the daze we sipped
Countless fumes on high
And nights barely dressed
Next to each other shy
For innocent again the wold assume
And power, always in negation mention
For secrets lay eggs in dens
Awaiting serpents to care
Sometimes we murder
Others? They just pass…
Serpents, though must raise
For the moon we worship
Made of water we are
Any shape you muster
Shine in our lustre….





She Leaves

Unmasked dream or the living wake
Rather from memory persistent
Of that one flame in forest shone
Self-contained, yet suffered alone
Before a wreckage certain
Some twenty paces close
Recedes into worlds restrained
Unwanted wrappers and empty bottles
From the night when you sat
Belonged to smoke and daily haze
Woven from moonlit word strands
Beside dismal flavors assume
A place among the trees
Where threads selfless tread
Spiders often had you confused
In prey conspiracies of the bee
Yet in words the legs tap
Fifteen around sixteen to four
Back at three and nevermore
For a few pictures I have
Of poems written in daze
Of the hollowest spirit gaze
Lustrous than before, the eyes
Yet mourning and endless cries
For the morning wood was wet
Was it the dream?
Or the higher purpose?
Consumed in utter confusion
Some poisonous moods
To demise the spark resume
Those pictures I had
Kept me warm
For each in wet morning I burn
To dry the wands
Surprise the fire embark
And she leaves the rest
Decorated to annals of fame
Perched griffon in wisdom tell
Of wonders gained in filth
How does situation sound?
Lighter always to life approach
Forever unchained let go
Yet we condense here
The spirit duct
Or network immaculate
And see it form again
Steam after steam
Rock solid, rock solid
This mould then heavy
Numbs my walk again
Yet I hold close
Enough to score
Another night full of dust
Among stars and the rest
But this filth?
Disposal foremost our lone call
Boundless in chains we fall…



Enclosure sudden, well-shaped
Calm and shine slain
Humble ideas among minds
Those anchored often sail
Flawed judgements
Made arrangements
Yet off the shore
Rickety frames
Held in bodies quiet
Unstoppable our conquest
Dreamy our shadows
Left enough pages said
Out the windows
A vision, mostly decorated
Of greater purpose
And meaningful repose
When in centuries recorded
From difference to difference
Within changes most certain
Me unto myself
And the other way round
Clocks another hour
As season do swing
In numbers forgotten homeward
Where stages another act
That had the first impression made
Solemn words then touch
For deeper still in all focus
Laughter for fools
Lower somewhere, perhaps pleasure
Pain the most noble
Always undress, moons to perfume
And rivers to tears
Such alchemy most respected
Sacrifice, yet a voice mustered
How well the world blame
Your tone’s too rich
Might promise enough fame
To have your candles
In midnight carnal voids ignited
And guaranteed sharper minds
To the accident let us please sing…



Clear pictures of dense smoke
Risen again to find frames
Abundant captures, yet few surface
Of desires lone to grasp
On the hill, walks adjust
Each as a sleeping shadow
Woken afresh to light
Celestial wanderers in shape
Roads upon which we tread
Step by step towards wonder
Has halted paces once again
For the brightest wanderer shines
Farewell those lips of cotton
That swept mine as polished
Departure, most then recall
How gathered pieces apart fall
When stars together collide
Mostly a flame, forever alone
Of twos to one, yet alone
Thus spreads fire perfume
At dust the recollection
Hues in the skies
Burnt pieces to ashes
Smokes arranged on forehead
Aging old and wise
To breathe in content
Few hours to midnight.


Miss Tree

On a callous blue moon
Where skies often fume
Reads a legend in daze
Away from lifeless haze
Often so long as eyes fix
This one spot in clouded mix
And dreams often form
All around as petals often sing
Of wonders in the honey bee
Trespasser certain, but wins
Devotion collected among some tree
Matterless sipped warmth in ginger honey
As if our own remedy
Fortune then favoured a receding tale
Empty costumes could tell
How in bodies comfort they seek
When left alone to speak
Figures then the cast unknown
Silent chapters behind the written
Of the moon in the sky
Deceiving the son lie
To a glory that has our light made
In visions when dreams now fail
Folds back to the cold
Closed and bold
Present in swift…