Snow Waltz


‘Phantasm’ – Garima (

Lifeless green another ponder
Wretched core sudden conjure
All that has to gaze
Grief after seasons yonder
Before this breath fades
Stroll easy terrain danger
Plunges without an eye shiver
To gates open thereafter
Alone had sought to be
In forms callous memories
Smiles taken none by greed
One nature every certain
And games to endless decay
A grain in time now remains
Fixed upon flakes of snow
Falling utmost respect
Tongues violent to gain
Sleep somehow forgotten
But morning again fresher pain
Thus melody how long I ask
Forever until our bodies bask
Winter sun melting away
Peaks my home somewhat grey
Stars of dust and cattle home
Then her voice possible cure
Silent in our night
Ether serene
Makes again our queen
Smoke that had once escaped
Now we hold close
A heart contention
Slowly inspired by means pure
To what had been a matter slain
Now bled to perform a life insane.



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