Dance Unrequited

Contamination of your kind,
Reflected in dull room chapters
Changes every page to comfort
Lust in fine silk sodden
Him as again on wire spoke
Own delusions to sense
And she coiled of nostalgic age
To room owns a play.
Free spirit, given somewhat clumsy
The fall here to decadent smirks
Who drenched in relation long enough
That each word must seduce
And moments stronger made
When nights watched over them
Disturbed sleep, countless others
But all reason to picture
Disassociated the body and self
Forever lost and stand before you
Blue eyes and intelligent highs
From cock to cunt all pleasurable
Another toke in winter haze…

It was real! It was Real!
Out they cry
Imaginations of your void
Dead beyond pretense
Yes! It was real.
All was all the time
If had you once yourself
Seen you prey.



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