Insurgent this flow together
Among chores in men suppressed
Moving in words often bless
Photographs in memory confess…

Stand before you naked
When I met you
Rising forms to endless hues
A clan among the warriors
This rage shall shake
Dances in every groove
Neck seeded her display
Merchant doubt in convey
To lips mine in a gaze
How much shall it take?
Tea rose on perfect perfume
Nose to her neck inhale
Wine and secrecy of wild
Master one to others seated
Upward upon her thigh
Rowing mystery past prelude
Devouring bodies in time
Circles to spiral a fiery notion
Creation in womb the warrior resumes
Sleeping jinxed to a world heated
Born virgin into the way conclude
Riches and glory always escape
Her arms forever encase
Our children in cosmic dust
Merciless consume.

Let me see you undress
On blue bird you can flame
This morning cigarette blame
Heart’s safe in primal cage
What truth can be?
Art finds the tribe
And the clan renewed
Proud she stands
Sooth her eyes
To fuming Medusa recall
A bleeding knight of eyes
To head amongst champions
Ingress bound he stood
Cobblestones to galaxy
Of muses certain
This night of knights.







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