Miscreant (54 x 36)

Wrap mine, this filth around you,
Foremost to the absurd apprentice
Dying legions of shiver contention
To certain treacherous intention.

Yes! Yes! Mostly applauded
Your semantics of justice
Refuge those lost in wonder
Beneath your desirous anger
The Christian faith that plagues
I see time and time again
Fits of beat degeneration
From Kabbalah to guttery speech
Feeding anal cavities of perception
Vomiting out
This verses that
Cat chases rat
Sure you brag,
Come to me, I’ll set you free
McDonald’s a burger the fee
High quality moral
In oppression of the fittest
If you win, I change the game
Until you lose, I win.
Input, the questions you have
My face to your haze
The Miscreant in glow
Praise the lord!
What is it that you see?
Trust, cage, hope or sex?
Smart! None of the above!

I will swallow you,
Make you out the answer
Puke in morning shower.
A person died at 27.
Cause: Wilderness.

A bind spot, the dot in galaxy
One hundred and twenty five
Sixty six and seventy nine
Together we make mine
These loops and sacred wine.

Your semantics versus mine blood muses
Gory to the eye, angels fly
Soaked in meaning, thy rectum nooks
Moist explosion, those yellowed boots.
On the way home, streets lined
Where we drive confined
Beyond that a lively niche
Plagued mouth yours, left behind
Brushing my teeth forms a lie.

Tans fixation the wine and a lie
Circles a chain, lest you cry.



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