Shades Again



Over now beloved faces,
Deeper shades have you undress
Frantic judgment, the night’s call
In pieces of utmost intrigue
Again, love you more!
Parting words to endless skies
In the woods a humble seat,
Where she must speak.
Nine years and counting,
Mist to Prince comforting
The Elder enough to declare
Mouthwatering a held prophecy
Three numbers to part see,
Settled among the world as such
Spades to Grades, all granted
Within but a fire blazes.

Children lost in adult conspiracy
As purple muses dejected confess
Desires to have understood
And reasons to challenge few
After the body animate echoes
Chapters and chapters
Meaning and meanings
Greet Your Highness renewed
A legendary being, never present
In matters of lewd pretension
Having you then a midnight ponder
Where in beds lay confused
Political love and poetry asunder,
Synonymic crap until you brood
And this a page along mine issue…

Sitting by, the evening escapes
Golden fumes over icy tunes
Contextual trees in autumn groom
Synced paces from divine mediation
Hovered forms to spirits collected
Prince until ascends manifested.

“Dark o’ Dark! Curtains Please!
I have you to body’s seek.
What of purpose you speak?
Schemes when eyes always leak.
If it be valid, the master craze
I must the channels praise,
A root of the apt in hunt
Charm the mortal to month…”


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