Horizons afar, present in calm emergence
Of two, the healthy sake,
Once again but desires shape.
Soar and sour, endless skies,
Roar and roar, stronger cries.
A perfumery of this evening
Hands renewed in current
And eyes in timid release
Dance to unison, a seasoned sage
As spirits in darker musings
Herald their son home.

Upon a greater contention
Forever the resounding price
Which had since made mine,
Different than the rest
The echo in chants I hold,
Evening sun to my price.
But then, if you wander,
Renewed until star’s gaze
Must you the halts praise
Shook in friendly confine
Hands and mostly pleasures fine
Acknowledge those washed lanes,
In winters foamy steps that chain.

Sometimes between memories composed,
Samples figures of curios search
A naïve dishonesty in fresh age,
I remember and I remember well,
Pictures smoldering, not analyzed,
Tunes mellow down, yet paralyzed.
Uncertain the sole force,
Holding beings to secrecies thus far,
One by one, must they disappear?
Age and die or broken and fly,
But always shall be
This sage, had seen,
Two of the Dragons
In heightened reflection.



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