Meander Impressionate


Consolidated referrals sought to be
A maze delusional conspiring sea,
Fresher the bottom, always groom
Issues of homeless prides to bloom.

If you loved me, I wonder unchained,
Arguments in their own lechery,
Eyes to extinguishing sparks,
And some to water feed,
What only would to our heed?

If you loved me, I wander forgotten.
Samples of homely surprises,
Always to shape or shake unable,
I see through the pretension,
How? Somewhat the foul redemption?

If you loved me, I wither uncertain,
Weeps all you had seen,
Roots the ample tragedy,
What in doubts freely tease,
Breeze the child lost in trees.

Behind all that, the communication game,
Frame a man to glory insane,
Stands still, for be the one,
The world, his suffering,
Together held as a clear dream
Longs to cherish
A reality of its own
By far his knees that ache
Rising to mercury delight
Walks and chants of pain,
To you! The holy rain…

Fashion himself a crew,
Distances that speed tweak
And ruptures the ineffable hour,
Darker reigning sorrow,
Acceptance foster shadow,
Where eyes none seek
Perfect to temple crease,
Brings refuge to his freeze.



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