Come again a second time,
All frothy and confused,
In mosaics of fumed flurry
And deceitful luxury,
Together on a high secluded
Asunder and enough to repair,
My sweet delusions of spirit
Diseased and registered that hospital page
Mirrored on my wall of delight
Endlessly subjugating mysterious matters,
Then the rest always confronted
In shadows of magical odyssey
Beneath that each echo fade
Empties a disgust sodden name
Every notion dying to explain
The power of universe in one
And the channels all true already floating
Help the child! Aid enough to grow.

Slipping morning crimson
Slates a merry shade
The forgotten warmth,
In winters play…

Sparks of life a sinuous page,
And adrenaline rush to foster
All decades on the mountain sky.
A freshly wrapped human
In loathsome fantasy of shiny markets
Blinded in knowledge supremacy
The dearest of causes
The cherry lust in cage
Honey in amaze
Then the life lived well emits:
Iron figures decorated in rain
Birds all sit and shatter
Less do they care?
Whose world whose life?
The bountiful rust, who do I trust?



3 thoughts on “Rust

    • Hallo Birgit,

      Thank you for your feedback. I am happy that I was able to channelize some forms of engagement in you. Of these forms you seem to like your connection with the images. It makes me smile and gives me peace. The other form though, moves me. In all honestly I would like to tell you a story. When I four, maybe five, I was slapped so hard with a handful of meaning, that my eardrum ruptured. It so happened that I could no longer hear what words meant. All I was left with were vibrations that my eardrum sensed when someone spoke. Music thusly became a good friend and life was beautiful. So I’m not sure if Art understands itself. Most certainly it reaches our senses and leaves the thought uncomprehended. Therefore, when you say that you really don’t understand my words, it makes me feel successful in my job of writing. The art was able to reach the sensual core, which left the intelligible stranded. This is something close to what I’d say is sublime…

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