Minutes of wonder
Lost in slumber,
When I hold close to shore,
In night and midst of lore,
Unearthed peace fumbling doubt,
Apples and cheese,
Journey about!

Tree this lower ache,
From seed to bake,
Abundant channels in confusing,
Bark for honesty musing.
Perfect and nudging
Captured in desirous paces,
About fishing ferries
And screams sodden,
Glory in spite, verbally mistaken,
Hunger filled beans and chocolate syrup!

Lemon today and others away,
Keep to desert’s meet,
In joys of lost temptation,
Forest green of holy ether
Mounts to hardcore measures.
Dreamy sprays from within,
Skin surrounded speaks,
Tongues of wretched misery,
Twice disgusted, yet the remedy.

From mammals of history,
To annals of galaxy
Muscular comforts and praise,
In a honey comb maze,
Quaint children lost at sea
Maids in fantasy,
Sacred heavens tweet,
And message received.

Psychon! Psychon! Here you are!
Greetings and memories twine,
Clouds nine and seven sheep,
Mercy and secret keep.
Couple then added to make lucky
And days define,
Then you see my crime.

Fruit on browns,
Half eaten, ample to realize,
Wreckage of pure confession
Decorated on thrown ground,
Lost in purpose that tree,
Hoping still
As ways reach eternity…



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