Sunsets a renewed phase,
In chimes empty of phrase,
Towards the echoing banner
Rejoiced contemplated asunder.

Much a dismay, Could you stay?
Theories of season,
In earthly warmth
Ripens spring,
Sizzles away…

Harmonies of Truth,
All set this day,
In words and muses unknown,
When you fall, pick a book!
Bla bla and bla!
Up again upright!
Finds the Self!

Oh! I forgot turning off the lights…

Centuries it seems,
Notions cream,
Upon blusterous quotes,
This orb rots…

Have seen now and then before,
Eyes vexed on false mercies,
Redundant dearies,
Waters and pansies,
Love and the rest,
Comfortable at crust…

Daze makes months,
Unfixed losses in diaries,
Wished upon crescents serene,
Sublime character seen,
Holding it true,
‘Twas what, it read…

Mothering the cause,
Banks home a feverish plague,
Dead the son now,
Set the cage, eyes bled
Hold us true, we’ve read…



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