Stranded and confused,
Adorns a crystal scared.
Seen twice before,
Once unknown,
Other yet forgotten,
Chapters cases amused sodden,
Lumbers sleep, refuge mistaken…

Mulberry confrontations,
Spring sings serene,
Beloved a callous made,
A bed on the other,
Perhaps this day
Nights in wonder,
Lost together,
In warmly infused luxury,
My queen’s disguise.

In times endless,
Chaos embraces
His weep to her need,
Whence issues tumble
In lore of sacred passion,
Upon the walks almighty worn,
Enchambered a sage,
Making his way…

Divine those legs divide,
Shines the sun born,
Through the lips in curtain,
And rays to scorn,
Melody and rhythm fixed,
Blooms every a petal morn,
Scared they stand washed,
To chirps yonder fame…

Bewitching waters a wand,
Close at a mystery pond,
Oozed the crystal band
A euphonious island…



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