Up again, before the other fades,
Confronted on the memory lane,
I seek a certain delusion,
Mortals to slumber,
Aids to raid,
For channels in cage,
Tired, my bones ache,
Flowered my passion shakes,
Lone forgotten the scare…

Afraid bask glamorous pages,
Dying a numbing tale,
Years and sages,
Seers and voyages,
All cast this day,
In mellow grapes of profound duty.

To live was the answer,
How and masked never,
My empty illusions,
Filled in blasphemous froth,
Choked a death,
A certain promise,
Pressing furiously the neck,
Need it exist?

Enough those clumsy escapes,
Forlorn my prolonged muse,
Resembling desires in daze,
Fire the answer,
Fire the might!
Divine pleasures,
Burdened death,
Seen this way,
Painted of red and hues,
Lessening, she cries away…



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