DSC00262 (2)

Sill, hands amorphous adjusted,
Contesting the evening’s chatter,
Blotched in whites,
Squeaky in sights,
Smokes humbly shone,
Along the contagious throne,
Whence had an issue escaped?
I’d form glasses in shame,
Flirts of handsome triumph,
Vested in familiar game,
Endless days and rising shades,
Devoted to the grain…

Again this day,
A familiar call,
What had its say?
I’d conjured enough a flame,
To look in the eye,
The colorful form,
The empty dainty,
And flawless the dandy,
To my hands ever still,
Hold this warm confession,
Present it before them,
Foaming as they walked home…

Billows now to others,
She cried harder,
Penetrated drums and the rest,
My eyes in search,
Combing through trees,
Sounds and inflections,
Details, devoid, all but her…

Clouds in wonder,
A man in ponder,
Freshest of his wounds,
Oozing enough already,
Forgiving chambers empty,
Courts of justices,
Suits of men,
Dressed women,
Sparkling jewels,
Beneath the icy waters,
Angel extinguished flame,
Lest stands the lame,
Honour your mother,
Priced bosom or lechery,
Confines of fantasy,
When the waters break,
Washes life away,
I stand to meet you,
For I swam, I sang,
Devine melodies and tales,
Towards the horizon,
And then below,
Twice a man and quarter,
I see the brink of desire,
Until then my friends,
Presence is demanded again!



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