Blossoming calm and free,
As storms engulf thee,
Embraced in carnal fantasies,
Fruits denouncing luxury,
How cold those endless days,
Flaked white roads,
Smoky tops,
There must be a fire,
Feasting seasoned wood,
And luscious greetings,
The guests pour home…

Over here, upon the high,
Voices in streams,
Awakened sleep,
Derived of bleak shame,
Infused in pretentions joys,
Longing to set free,
Notions reaching eternity,
Fixed on a window,
On the outside,
A flowering creamy tale,
Naked in contained beauty,
Springing in rich melody!

Numb on the inside,
Seeking resurrection,
Stone a cause so pure,
Heavens deny the fatal call,
Of duties in air ranged,
Howls in flashes arranged,
And then my sleep,
Weary of this plight,
Owing an empty birth.
Where mighty Heathens sing,
Delusional verses Rhymes!
Hold me! Meet the devil’s rage,
Uplifted in supremacy,
Bottled in confused fury,
This perfume,
As nostrils escape,
A fresh dewy morning,
Blanketed in spicy hues,
Dizzy and wither,
I dine anxiously!



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