Escaping words onward still,
Humbly at my door,
Deafening, yearns for slumber,
This heavenly lechery,
Fed by duty of wisdom,
I wish to speak,
Would you hear?
Resounding voices,
Enough of them,
Trailing a story within,
Of humorous tasks
And empty chalices,
Regaining a lively niche,
Confronted in salvation,
Beneath the treasonous night,
Pocketed in comforting shades…

Grasslands among clouds,
Neighs walking through,
Flying rebuttal,
And victorious sages,
Flying mellow spirits,
In contained frames,
Dying to be heard,
A loner but the sky wanders!

Slithering pains,
Body jinxed and arched,
Any decree you name,
But blood seeping gradually,
Strengthens a tower,
Where poets and men,
Women and Jellies,
Feed dying babies,
Suckling a wishful nectar,
The bee had once met,
In midst of a lone summer day,
Exterminated in shame,
Blossomed in rain,
Those jasmines,
Perfuming the hour…

Rising scents to skies,
Sacrifices made,
Enlightened sun,
Damp feathery tales,
Owing surplus sheds,
Towards the new game
Eyes falter in pain!
And hello!!! It rains again…

Sat echoed in drumesque pleasures,
Guilty of tongue’s peek,
Perhaps a kiss you seek!



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