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A reason enough to bake,
Melting callous dreams high,
Abode on clouds,
Ravishing contained lust,
Shadowing on my wall,
Carefully incarnated in muscular frames,
Progressing through,
Without much a pampered sage,
Confronted in fiery blasphemy,
Of a strawberry scent,
Nestling on her thigh,
Reaching slowly over,
Molten lips of honey,
Rattling within…

Watched on a temperate shade,
A golden flame in the night,
Burns the yellow madness,
Crazy in divine melody,
Of creaming desires and lost infancies,
Whence shadows the cause regain,
And I sit nurtured under the rain.
Crying she had said,
A thousand wormy phrases,
Slipping every sparkle bite…

As I wit in lost contemplations,
I see another image, a man,
Better the beast,
Galled in freaks of darkness,
Caged in oneself,
A merciless fact,
That had the heavens met,
In birth of a new page…

Flowing steadily now,
A stream of cheesy favour,
Mice draw nearer,
The kittens too, and the jobs forsaken.
Lest the end approaches…

Smokes now, none clouds,
All earthly suffering,
Rises in expensive fumes,
Riches and glory taxed,
Dug out a farmer’s heart,
Rhapsody supporting my delusion,
Wishful on dearly knights,
Up a battle conjures…



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