Keep coming, keep forming,
The insectious words,
Playing furiously in my head,
All night long,
Conjuring parallel intoxications,
Deep and wondrous,
Sublime nurtured memories,
Experiences of immense glory,
Humbly banking on eyelands,
Struggles warm within,
An infectious rage,
Howling lowly now,
A spark perhaps,
A better misery,
I long to embrace thee…

A girl, at a window yonder,
Lost a soul in tonight’s ponder,
She receives a message,
Her cellphone,
What could it be?
I look at her,
She looks back at me,
Turns away though…

Then a weather shaping,
Hazing to eternity,
Orange blinking lights,
A car strolls left,
Alright, time’s here now,
As it sings, lost in desire,
Perhaps a bittersweet melancholy!

Have you tasted any lately?
None, pockets resound empty…

Come here, I see you now
Divine pangs of mercy,
Shouts of blasphemy,
And some cries of luxury,
Lightning boxes blue,
Windows countless,
Sat glued all day,
And vicious galls molding delight,
Matter? What was it?
I seem to forget,
A child happy, as could be,
Inquisitive? Besides the end is near…

Skins shed already,
Miles walked handsomely,
Strong and heavy,
Falling yet steady!

Fire! Fire!
O God of immense fury!
Where are you now?
Wont u light?
See enlighten,
Children of fathomable duty,
Where’s the wine?
The red one,
A chalice stands empty,
Yearning mauve…

Gradual snuffs,
A matchstick had it been,
Fire had it seen,
Smokes blending familiar,
Existence creeping through,
Blanketed mists engaging,
Lays to rest,
Drenched in your highness,
Swung out in shame,
Sill its bed…

Diffused mellow thumps,
Shallow waters and faith,
Clear and inviting,
Besides disguised depth,
Painted carelessly within,
And some of us,
Dare enough to jump…



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