Entangled within, eroded magician,
Breathe until midnight,
Howls and joys of blasphemy,
Delights and hails of ecstasy,
Creeping close enough,
Eyes shut, wider the arms,
Preying nearer,
Besides the catch,
Escaping in arranged furry,
And then a word, dying instantly…

Today, as it has been,
A newer tomorrow,
Forgotten the lone stranger,
Wizards commemorating,
Early morning raids,
Lost nights and abandoned highs,
Forever in love this child,
Maybe the word,
A notion so deep,
Callous secret keeps,
Beneath the snow,
A beauteous river flows,
A leaf once, in river fell,
Mountainous rage it steamed,
Transported a mysterious sage,
Believed to have the will,
Never seen, perhaps a string,
Lament, as the joy sinks!

Yes, one was seen
Angel had it been,
When hand scuffled between,
Our lips kiss serene…

And then as it shaped,
To the astral gape,
Chambers the snail here,
Slow as fatal death,
Consuming each a dearer shade,
Journey to its end made…

The run now broken,
The river lies frozen,
Caught in lechery,
Stilling its own furry,
Cold, the winds resound,
Ay! But within, a sun blazes…



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