DSCN3848Clouded through doubts,
Until the soul appeared,
Golds and silvers or fame,
Together a chance to tame!

Eyes fixed upon a star,
Vagabond aloof and afar,
Callous ways and gaze,
Journeying upon wishful satin…

Come closer,
I want to make love,
Or break a piece,
The masters triumph!

Suspended in eternity,
Difficult to obtain,
A self and the cause,
Good frames maneuvering,
Captain’s channeling,
Doves and others too,
Finishing the departed pieces…

Arms stretched yonder,
Hugs and grasps of joy,
But a source ranged,
Then the elbows bend,
A scarecrow he makes…

Then a fall in greens,
Blues generally casting,
Between adjacent yellows,
Landless plagues of ecstasy,
Bounding forms secretly…

Up and down,
Down and up,
And back again,
To make the devil’s share…

A man missed a God,
Love, strong cord,
Jingles and merry making,
Despair though unfixed,
Hence the curling meadow,
The son below as the horizon sinks,
Welcome this day, a fidelity…



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