Oh! Fuchs!


Homecoming dreams and shades,
With masters, my hands, they lay,
Into the greening mist,
Channeled the eye,
Embracing what it should have,
Blackened cradles,
Gothic muses,
A hope amuses!

Enslaving me then!
An eye within this den!
I see no more!
I am now and before!
The eye third and sight,
Conjuring moods afresh,
Measuring souls renewed,
And the fingers,
Softly they roll,
Ear lobes essential calls,
Ecstatic whispers,
And sometimes the tongue!
Towering emotions,
Blooded convulsions!
What should I make?
A life at stake!

And then lay a chest!
Darker greens and swift,
Spiraling visions,
Levitating swings,
Close enough instantly!
I can hear it breathe!

Opening now!
A brilliant light!
What was there?
What did I see?

Oh! Fuchs!




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