Collapse, as a judgment reads,
Willing nobles it feeds,
Casted in pretentions notions,
Hung on royal potions…

Her and the other,
The fire on alter,
Today it burns,
As another mourns,

Rancid glares of fame,
Diligent in every game,
Forever euphoric, the rage,
Carpeted beneath the urban cage…

Hers, the sorrows fair,
Our suns, the gestures bare,
Tranquil as the immaculate ease,
My wine and drowsy cheese…

Come one, come all,
For today she bleeds,
Pure, to glory,
Plight to guilty…

Strange, as it seems,
Suckles the baby,
Profoundest chacruna,
Molted and shimmering,
Oh! Those churning factories…

How cynical those ties,
Intoxicated rules of carnalities,
Pounding joys of lechery,
And a quivering of ecstasy…

Fluent rapes regularly,
Coffee cups to chips,
Browning of fraudulent blacks,
But the cries?

Who hears the child cry?
When it wakes…

Celebrations for the fruitless,
Pains for joyless.

The fire though unnoticed…

Some pistons and unity,
Immanent in humanity,
The quieter world,
Ready as it seems,
Whores ashore,
Neutralize sensualities…



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