Memoir of a winter’s tale


Don’t live with me,
Visit me though quite often,
Innocent as the cause be,
Doors? Neither a curtain!

Come hold me a hand,
Against nothing the game,
Arms wide open I stand,
Glorified in annals of fame!

Memoir of a winter’s tale,
Icy, soft and slow some stroll,
Wrapped and smoky they sail,
Night’s bed and the comfort roll!

Dead display streets dark,
Golden morning rays,
Upon those snowy hills bark,
An eye more than a tongue says…

Paralyzed self at this dawn,
Gazing numb at the gold,
Summers and seasons gone,
Until this, a legend you told!

Warm your presence, breathes life,
Feathering upon a skin mine,
Whetting this blunt knife,
Then to a cloud named nine!

Rivers of blood, warm they flow,
Currents in this weary heart,
Again, a fresh reason to blow,
Together again, until we part.

This holy orb too gory!
Drying slowly, these pastures green,
Warm winter love, my sole story,
A well lived life, here in serene!



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