In notes, miscalculated I read…


Persistence of a bird in sky,

To a place they call high,

Laden with malicious rays,

Remind me of those silver days…

On the roads, when I set sail,

Unbecoming itself the mighty fail,

Hither to me a spent other,

Serpent of a warm heavenly smother…

How I chanced the heaven’s greed,

In  notes, miscalculated I read,

Steps of distress, justified in sorrow,

More than a finger, my borrow!

Of old, distress and melancholy, the call,

In a world, a spider’s maze I fall,

Dreams as cloudy as smoke,

In sleeps help me choke…

What in a piece of shade,

When existence my only raid?

Slipping away, I can hold no more,

Forever, a beloved drape, apart tore…



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