Neither a Master nor Penitent


I beseech you son, Refrain!

None a play too existent,

Sin a life, itself in pain,

Neither a master nor Penitent!

One sided wall, a plague,

Word me a sorrow so diseased,

Honest it be a mural vague,

 Sleep! Today I reach the deceased!

Wanderer of greens in high,

Cur to my kingly solitude,

Before the heavens chanced a cry,

Stood forth a lustrous prelude!

Puppetry a talk of fame,

Cocooned in one’s own casting,

Deformed a slave in loyal game,

Show them a favour never lasting!

Desire may I a darkness so immaculate,

Devouring every emergent light,

That none muster to calculate,

And fear the dark its might!

A silence so noisy,

Piercing ears down each,

Hollow be it complete empty,

Now I begin to reach…

Smothered by glinting luminescence,

Drowned in divine melodies,

Fused of rustic incense,

I reside by this crystal of glories…



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