An Insight in heights…


Slipped of a tongue’s away,

I speak of this devil’s day.

Smoked in treacherous dopes,

they brimmed of splendid hopes!

A note as a caution,

to understand this notion,

Decipher the tale as you may,

  Identify them! can you? Nay!

A sphere immense of fools,

two spent warriors prelude!

Might, the weapon?

A dream never comes true!

How casual seems the cause,

when they play only a two!

A slaughter, a one,

A shield, the other!

A case of moving passions,

Defeated humanity forever!

Conceive, this container

for the end transcends near!

The battlefield, more a shame,

Build the maggots where, a castle!

Never to leave a pampered cradle,

The orb, but the ultimate luxury.

Meanwhile, as the war wept,

bursts a fuse of lunacy!

Guffaws adorn the airs again!

Whoever wins, relives the pain…




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