Radiating Tunes

Idleness Wind and Guitar! Kolti a place where such elements divulge a whole new experience!

Hidden Treasures & Tourism Pvt. Ltd.

When was the last time you sat idle? Sitting on a couch maybe and watching a box displaying a sugar coated world or perhaps, updates from the ‘real world’. A seed of intellect, destined to grow into a tree, thus perishes dormant. Moreover, it spoils the entire lot of grains around it, which, but increase mass and cover up the holes that lead to depth. A tragedy, as it appears, is what occurs daily and has become a vicious circle, rotting every moment. A world where ‘the good’ can be bought like any other product sold on the roadside is where we belong. Every five years a new puppet appears alongside the old one, with hands manifesting false hopes. Then, with an addition of money and alcohol, the country is governed. A country, where the elector is a mere subject of the rule… No difference persists between day and night…

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