Shades at an arm’s length

Colours of the night

Colours of the night

After a long tiring week of work, leisure is what your soul yearns for. Solitude, a perfect state of being, gives you all that you need to get back at the world. Ironically, we are all so busy getting back at the world that slowly we lure ourselves into becoming the part of the system. There is no time left to stop, sit, and reflect: “Where are we heading to?”

The system only but steals one of freedom along with reason. For the mind also needs a free environment to function. Humans, as we are called and considered to be above the rest of the species, have destroyed the very essence of life. Mastering the nature is by no means the greatest achievement of mankind! Moreover, education teaches one to renovate a building that can never stand erect. In such a world, free souls are a rare sighting.

Standing in my balcony I see this beauty offered by the night. With “Coming back to life – Pink Floyd” playing in the background, the chilly winter breeze and this scenery transported me to a realm of a unique experience. Traveling, not with the physical body, but with the mental state of being… Music is a substitute for the mode of transport used for the journey and the destination is unknown. With shades at an arm’s length, you can really enjoy this form of travel if undertaking a journey (physically) is not possible!


One thought on “Shades at an arm’s length

  1. Amazing narrative of your beautiful journey.. not only I felt myself in your journey with background music of Pink Floyd but also I got immersed in your lines…. You are right, this is intuitional journey not physical… keep writing bro.. all the best !!

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