Longing to touch

Longing to touch

Perhaps all matters of art spring from a hypnotic longing tending towards touching an inhabitance of sublime in our nurtured presence. Although sublime, by virtue of its differentiation in degrees, shapes itself into forms, that often of its character speak, … Continue reading

Day of Embodiment

I see the clouds fade away
Bright wanderer in the naked sky
Pines rise high in worship
Golden leaves and sparkling greens
Yonder the supreme silence
White sages inspire and witness
This day, when I first occurred.

I hear the bells resound
Cultures holy sing to gods
Line silence in pious tones
Where a Barbet broods
Breezes filled to warm embrace.

I breathe in each flavour
From drying deodar woods
To incense in the air
For the air we live is not air alone
Countless smokes of our produce
Dissolved to bodies compose.

I am greeted by memories
First days at school
Lots of cries, joys and lunchboxes
Friends trouble, teachers sing
Parents at home love
And siblings fight.

Somewhere in between, my dreams shape
Worlds of wonders, words in progress
Music of taste and magic instead
Climbing peaks, resting in forest
Snug my dwelling and fire impress
Seduced forever and always stay
A fine cup of coffee everyday…

To all things, I hold close and see
I wish a joyous birthday to me!



PC: Ant Rozetsky

Now that smokes have all dissolved
Silent lay grey stones cold
Not bold rocks or insolent ice
Crumbling at touch
Brittle moulds, once fire bright.

Not here anymore or wish to be
Wanderers those spend the night
From one tale to the other
Heads held high
To each their own, must give pride.

Never heard again the whispers
Benign footsteps on frost
Tell stories of departure
Which way then
The one not taken?

Nearly all made sense
Save one pure essence
Much contested in faiths
Known to self
A choice of words decorated…

Nay, said old age
Crackling bones and fingers ache
The choice was thus made
Discard the forest
Walk with loners embraced.


Note: I have recently published a collection of poems personally. It goes by the name ‘Black Verses’; i.e. Poetry written in utter darkness. Read about it Here.

Black Verses – Announcement

Hi there! I am pleased to make this minor announcement presenting poetry written in darkness. Black Verses is a collection of poems that write themselves directionless and unaware of a form, without imagining a conception to the poetic self. The colour black does not necessarily coincide with ‘dark feelings’ or is hopeful for light. Black, in this collection, is simply black. i.e. black as experienced by a poet devoured of all light (Find it here)

“Like born of a touch
The fear of letting go
Dwells in silence
Where I am no more
Nor supervision of forms
Unconscious is the walk
Utterly united by the dark
Everywhere is where I am
Everyone is who I am
Nothing succeeds observation
For awareness and awareness alone
My immaculate situation…”



The whole is not enough
Nor the season of moon
The shy winter tale
In harmonies resume

That touch, a gentle breeze
Sideways sway
One that never stays
Rooms we build and cry
To have owned silver hair
Yes! We try! Yes! We fly!

Longed spells all of life
Together then yonder discoveries
This day, that day, everyday
Folded back, the dawn breaks
Tell me where to find you
Mountains, seas, maybe trees?
Or when you open my door…

In deed was not needed
Will surely never be
For ails all heart legacy
Ominous shrieked jealousy.


Note: I have recently published a collection of poems personally. It goes by the name ‘Black Verses’; i.e. Poetry written in utter darkness. Read about it Here. 🙂

First Light

When on dawn the stroll
Washed in season’s cold
Lightens the sphere
Desire, oh home!
I question fair
You are like the air
You are everywhere.

Fleeting, yet stayed
All through the night
Frost, the silent prayer
Nobody sings, no one hears
Inside blankets sleep fears
Soundly, never to let go…

A life as everyday discover
All eyes bright and beautiful
Thus, morning I roam
Musing warmth mine
Into the air around
Taken by the gentle white
You are not there…


Dreaming on


PC: Dawid Zawila

Take a step back
Let the world move
Without me or without you!

In dreams have often collide
What was and what will be
See how we made urgency…

A cigarette or caffeine might answer
Every call we receive this day
So that once again
We take a step back
And see the world go by…

All alone in wonders
All forgotten in ponders
First meetings of the day
Have me forever stay
As love, the fruitful jealousy
Has made friends with greens
Watch it all go by
Seed yourself and fly!


Leaf Miner


PC: Vinith Kurian

Will you forever deny?
Fragrant tales of the forest
Wisdom streams as breeze
Dandling found two leaves
Firsts of friends marked
Do you see this crease?

Cherish me a song
Wither that mourns away
Traditions of velvet thrust
Into ruptures and ruptures
Of forgotten ways…

Or bring me home
Having done universe
Performed life again
Etched onto my skin
Paths along country green…

Then? Would you see?
Life’s endless poetry
The miner himself
Unseen, unheard
Writes on leaves




Image credits: 123counteries.com

Come tomorrow, come again
Among trees that stood the rain
And storms often did parade
when at home we stayed
Until the sky was bare
Shone in golden light
Majestic my peaks of snow…

Over here, on the walk
New born desire speaks within
Springing branch to branch
Wandering streets of grey
Addressed by greens fair
I am here
Will forever be…

To greet you again
Back when I first met you
Blue feathers and red beak
Wingspread, flew over me
Effortless glide
Take me wherever
Before you hide
I will be here tomorrow
To see you rise.


On the water


Wish you were perfume
Sweet yellow gloom
Over and over
Our mouths resume
The tale that once lapsed
Into rivers most forgotten
Gentle reminders touch
Heart weary again.

Wish you were green
Seasoned smile of gold
In thickets would assume
Silent joys that shine
No tears, but drops of dew
Upon my skin
Freshest of romance…

Wish you were sky
Eyes in endless shine
Would pour clouded
Shimmer through the day
Starry in the night
Never entwined to complete
My eye to your eye…



  Several years of measured pace Walks about in need of days Nowhere far, neither close Just where the gaze slips Into worlds freshly made Echo shades unaware… Escaping clouds and setting sun Some ghosts around homes Tangle on common … Continue reading